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    Whatever the merits of the case, the MA could be much more helpful to the leaseholder, who is quite right, if the charge is not permitted in the lease, there is no obligation to pay it. So it would be in the MA's interests to simply refer to the clause which it is relying upon. A leaseholder has the right to know the terms of the management agreement and there is no valid reason why the agreement or a summary of it should not be made available for inspection.


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    • Reply to Service Charge Percentage Wrong
      by AndrewDod
      But he is not being charged 3% of the total.

      £1969.93/£188,912 = 1.042%

      Which is about correct albeit the exact apportioning into the 0.99% band vs 1.1% band is a little hard to follow.

      about 100 flats and he is paying about 100th

      There may be something...
      22-11-2019, 01:59 AM
    • Service Charge Percentage Wrong
      by gidoc
      Dear all,
      I hope this forum can guide me to the next step. I have a leasehold apartment, which I purchased in July 2007. I have never been able to go through the whole lease esp the page no1, which clearly defines the service charges as 1%. I am however been charged 2%( extra 1% for communal areas,...
      17-11-2019, 21:47 PM
    • Reply to Advice on Building Regs and Lease covenant
      by ram
      Irrespective of what the lease says, if a modification is such that would be deemed that certification is required, then the Law overrules the lease.
      But without knowing what the modification was, and if it was authorised by the freeholder, and it does not contravene listed building criteria
      22-11-2019, 00:19 AM
    • Advice on Building Regs and Lease covenant
      by Harwood

      Bit of a long shot but i wondered if anybody could advise if the Building regulations would be covered under the following lease covenant;

      "At all times during the said term to comply in all respects with the provisions and requirements of the Town and Country Planning...
      14-11-2019, 17:21 PM
    • Reply to Service Charge Percentage Wrong
      by gidoc
      Update: The Leasehold Advisory Service said to give the Company another 2 wks to respond, if they do not engage to resolve/recalculate service charges- I should follow the formal complaint process via Ombudsman and or go via First tier property tribunal.
      21-11-2019, 23:21 PM
    • Reply to RMC - Dormant Status with HMRC - Banking
      by Gordon999
      If you pay all service charge money from leaseholders into one "client account" and use same bank account for paying all maintenance bills, then you will satisfy Companies House's requirement for keeping the RMC as a "dormant company"....
      21-11-2019, 21:52 PM
    • RMC - Dormant Status with HMRC - Banking
      by bigalxyz
      I'm one of the directors of an RMC looking after a leasehold building (having recently taken over from an external property manager).

      The company is dormant at HMRC. It has a business account, unused. All of our funds (service charge monies) are in a separate client account.

      19-11-2019, 14:44 PM
    • Reply to Collective enfranchisement - additional cost of airspace lease
      by nukecad
      It's an important distinction.

      FTT rulings are not 'Case Law', UT rulings are.
      If it was FTT then it's not going to be published as a matter of course, UT rulings are but can take a bit of finding....
      21-11-2019, 18:51 PM
    • Collective enfranchisement - additional cost of airspace lease
      by Lorimer
      Wondering if anyone can advise on whether and how much a 999 year lease of airspace with a ground rent of £1,500 per annum, rising by £100.00 per annum every 15 years will impact on the premium we are likely to pay to buy the freehold of our building?

      The background:
      We have been...
      16-11-2019, 07:49 AM
    • Reply to Section 20 query & liability dispute
      by leaseholder64
      On question 1, they could ask for retrospective dispensation, and following on some case law, the leaseholders still have to pay what they can demonstrate would have been payable if the process had been done properly.

      I can see nothing that would stop the section 20 being started again...
      21-11-2019, 18:39 PM