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    Over occupation?

    Landlord above me has let a one bed to a couple. They moved in with a kid a a third relative sleeps in living room. According to the law based on rooms 2 rooms max 3 people, the kid over 1 under 9 counts as .5 so technically over crowding. However room measurements say something different. Rooms are 15'2 ft by 14'1 and the other 15'7 by 11'1 ft. Can any one assist. I have serious noise and other issues

    I think you are pretty much stuffed if they are all relatives. Is landlord aware of the situation?


      yes but is pretty useless I am trying to get action out out of him so trying to find out if over occupied by .5


        The lower of the two figures counts, so the flat does sound to be criminally overcrowded, in which case, both landlord and tenant are committing offences. However, can you confirm that the child was at least one year old when the family moved in, as the council can, and almost certainly will, give dispensations if the overcrowding happened as a result of the child becoming one year old.


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        • Wrong original lease reigstered with Freeholders/HM Land Registry?
          by sarahbrowne
          Hi, long time lurker here, hoping someone might be able to advise.

          We recently purchased the leasehold and shared freehold of a ground floor mansion block flat. There are gardens all long the back of the Mansion block, which only the gournd floor flats have acces to. Most have fences all...
          19-11-2019, 14:24 PM
        • Reply to Wrong original lease reigstered with Freeholders/HM Land Registry?
          by Gordon999
          The Land Registry keeps the record of ( 1) property title and ( 2) the site plan for your leasehold flat.

          I suggest you check if the garden area is shown on the site plan for any of the ground floor flats? You can buy the site plan and download from LR Online for £3 by credit card.
          20-11-2019, 03:42 AM
        • RMC - Dormant Status with HMRC - Banking
          by bigalxyz
          I'm one of the directors of an RMC looking after a leasehold building (having recently taken over from an external property manager).

          The company is dormant at HMRC. It has a business account, unused. All of our funds (service charge monies) are in a separate client account.

          19-11-2019, 14:44 PM
        • Reply to RMC - Dormant Status with HMRC - Banking
          by Gordon999
          If the RMC company is kept non-profit making and staying dormant, the RMC does not need a "business account with debit card".

          The RMC just needs a current account with cheque book for the service charge money ( designated a client account.) to ring-fence the money as belonging...
          20-11-2019, 03:32 AM
        • Service charge budget for 2020
          by stum
          I have received a budget for the servcie charges for 2020. This is sent as a budget proposal, but at same time suggests that charges will start in January 2020, making it not a proposal but a matter of fact, as far as the service agent is concerned.
          I am querying one of the proposed...
          19-11-2019, 20:53 PM
        • Reply to Service charge budget for 2020
          by Gordon999
          The budget proposal is a rough estimate of maintenance spending for the year and is used to calculated what each flat should be charged for their annual service charge levy.

          The audited accounts which are produce about 6 months after the year end will show you what was actually spent
          20-11-2019, 02:24 AM
        • Service Charge Percentage Wrong
          by gidoc
          Dear all,
          I hope this forum can guide me to the next step. I have a leasehold apartment, which I purchased in July 2007. I have never been able to go through the whole lease esp the page no1, which clearly defines the service charges as 1%. I am however been charged 2%( extra 1% for communal areas,...
          17-11-2019, 21:47 PM
        • Reply to Service Charge Percentage Wrong
          by leaseholder64
          I've re-read the lease extract, and it still seems to me that most of the items under block costs relate to internal common area items.

          What I suspect has happened is that 4 of the leases have different wordings, that fail to cover those items, and those don't get the internal items list,...
          20-11-2019, 00:42 AM
        • Reply to Service Charge Percentage Wrong
          by leaseholder64
          Looks like there are 101 properties on the estate, 96 of them contribute to your apartment charge and 92 to your internal charge.

          What are the actual numbers in each category?

          The actual percentages differ from the lease, but are more accurate for an equal split 101/96/92 ways....
          20-11-2019, 00:25 AM
        • Reply to Service Charge Percentage Wrong
          by gidoc
          Here is a breakdown of service charges:
          the internal area cost- is not being paid by equivalent apartments(very few)- which do not have internal areas.
          19-11-2019, 23:03 PM