Recurring cracks in walls and ceilings

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    Recurring cracks in walls and ceilings


    I bought a leasehold flat around a year ago.

    When I bought the flat there were cracks in the walls and ceilings. About 1mm wide and quite long. I had a survey before I bought and the survey said that the wall crack was evidence of historic slight structural movement, and the ceiling cracks were shrinkage, and it was no major problem.

    After I moved in I contacted the freeholder and they sent their surveyor round, who said the same thing, and the management company advised me to fill and paint the cracks.

    I've now had the cracks filled and painted (at a considerable expense) but within the space of a few weeks the cracks have returned. It seems like the movement is quite dynamic.

    My question is, should I go back to the management company and get them to fix the underlying problem? And are they responsible for the damage to my walls and ceilings?

    There is a clause in the lease that says I must keep the flat in a good state of decoration, which is not possible if the plaster cracks every few weeks!

    Any advice is appreciated.

    Is this plasterboard or plaster?

    Plasterboard often cracks, and there is nothing the management co can do about it. You need to strip out and re-tape & skim if it bothers you.


      The ceilings are plasterboard, so the issue probably is just shrinkage.

      I'm more concerned about the wall crack. The wall is plastered and cracked diagonally around the window. I think to remedy properly it would need taking back to brick and then replastering.


        Oh, well unless the crack extends to outside, I would have thought an internal crack was also your problem rather than man co. Could you not put a curtain over it, or a bit of furniture, and remove it from your mind?


          Did they fill them with the right stuff? You need flexible filler else it does just crack again.


            What is above your ceiling? Do they have a covered floor above? You can not be expected to repaint and fill every few go back and say there is an issue and get them to help you repair and maintain the building..


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