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    Originally posted by Gordon999 View Post
    The RTM Companies Regulations 2009 includes clause 5(s) for which the wording states:

    "to establish and maintain capital reserves, management funds and any form of sinking fund in order to pay, or contribute towards, all costs, fees, and other expenses incurred in the implementation of the company’s objects" ;
    This is enabling text. It doesn't give the company rights that don't exist in the lease. It would allow it to create a sinking fund outside of the lease, but wouldn't allow the company to force leaseholders to pay into it. The significance of the lease on service charges is that it says things that leaseholder can be legally forced to do.

    This wording would also apply to money used by the company for improvements, but most leases will not give the company the right to insist that people contribute towards the cost of improvements.

    Traditionally many companies memorandums of association would list large number of things that the company could do, just to ensure that memorandum didn't limit them in any way.


      I would expect replacement of rotten wooden window frames etc. is required every 25 - 30 years, the RTM company needs to employ a sinking fund to collect the 3-4% contributions from all leaseholders in the block . Its better than asking for such payment in one billing which most leaseholders will find difficult to raise.

      Our lease says frequency of repainting external woodwork every 4-5years but the lease wording never mentions the wooden window lower frame and sill , if becoming rotten , needs replacing.


        There needs to be a clear distinction between the members and the leaseholders even though they are likely to be the same individuals and you need to be careful to understand which hat a person is wearing when he speaks at a meeting. The contract with the leaseholders is the lease and that needs to be observed. Members may reach agreement outside the terms of the lease but as explained in #9 that can create other problems.

        A reserve fund created under the terms of the lease is required to be held on trust. A similar fund which is not permitted by the lease could be authorised by members but it is not required to be held on trust and contributions would be voluntary. Demands for voluntary contributions would need to be issued quite separately from the service charges.


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        • Reply to Neighbour Dispute over Bins
          by Gordon999
          Make application to local Magistrates Court for order on commercia owner to give rear door access on bin collection day .
          17-05-2022, 19:50 PM
        • Neighbour Dispute over Bins
          by Tony-Edwards

          I could do with some guidance if anyone has any knowledge on this.

          I have a 100 year old flat that was split from a larger building in 2000 and has a 999 year lease, it is next door to a commercial premises.

          The only way to get to my flat is across their...
          17-05-2022, 14:40 PM
        • Reply to RTM director service charge arrears
          by Gordon999
          A leaseholder, whether resident at flat or not, is contracted under the lease to pay annual service charge contributions when due. If he refuses to pay when due, the RTM can make the claim for service charge arrears through the small claims court (online) .

          To become a director of...
          17-05-2022, 19:47 PM
        • RTM director service charge arrears
          by ARG
          Hello, I am new here so please excuse me if this question has already been asked, but a search has drawn a blank.

          I am a director of an RTM of a property with 25 flats. I would be very grateful if anyone here can advise whether a resident who is more than six months in arrears with his...
          17-05-2022, 15:38 PM
        • Reply to RTM director service charge arrears
          by Section20z
          Unlikely that anything in your M&A would prohibit that...
          17-05-2022, 19:22 PM
        • Lease Extension - Relativity
          by comm1985
          Hoping to get some clarification,

          If a flat (Outside Greater London) with 60 years left is sold for £110,000 and comparable properties with longer leases attain £160,000

          What is the relativity in this case?

          Would it be £110000 less 5.5% (to estimate for no act...
          17-05-2022, 15:12 PM
        • Reply to Lease Extension - Relativity
          by sgclacy
          Because it is a highly complicated subject and only the finest brains in the land can grapple with the subject - that is what the valuers will say .

          Gerald eve graph is highly respected and is one of the many that the Tribunal will rely on

          it is interesting that if you discount...
          17-05-2022, 15:58 PM
        • Reply to Continuing the Section 42 notice
          by Muchroom
          Thank you to sgclacy and Gordon999
          17-05-2022, 14:28 PM
        • Reply to Continuing the Section 42 notice
          by Muchroom
          I have managed to track down the vendors Solicitors who are in receipt of his reply which has now been sent to my solicitor so I am back on track and it will all now go ahead.

          Just got a little panicked as I know you have to adhere to a particular timeline.
          17-05-2022, 14:26 PM
        • Car park underletting
          by Neil2011
          Dear all,

          A non resident leaseholder (renting his property out) is under the impression that he can let anyone (including non residents and those not associated with any residents or the property ) use his car parking space paid or unpaid. The management company of which I am chairman disagree....
          17-05-2022, 08:16 AM