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    Fire escape

    The freeholder and their managing agent have neglected the wooden fire escape which now needs major repairs. I have emailed them several times during the past two years including pictures. My flat is a leasehold first floor flat in a converted house where the ground floor flat comes with the freehold. I have today received a letter from the managing agent stating it needs to be removed immediately and they will just put a piece of ply blocking my kitchen door which leads on to the fire escape. If they had tended to if when I first email them the damage wouldn’t have been as bad as it is now and I just wanted some advice how to proceed. The freeholders wants it gone as it would make their garden bigger. They have suggested that I can put a juliet balcony at my own cost.

    Can the freeholder remove the fire escape if I don’t agree to it?
    Juliet balcony is not possible as my kitchen door opens outward and inward would block the kitchen units, and anyway could they make me pay for alterations on my own and not part of the service charge?
    My flat is tenanted and I would like to keep the fire escape as ground floor flat frequently block the hallway with bikes and prams
    Would this now be improvement rather than maintenance and repairs?
    My lease states that service charge is 50% of total costs for maintenance/repairs and the fire escape is not mentioned in the lease and outside my red boundary line. I don’t mind paying for repairs to the fire escape as I always have done with previous freeholders.

    Please don't ask the identical question again


      Sounds like your property is lacking H&S & Fire inspections, request managing agent complies with legislation or ask you local authority housing standards department to intervene or the fire brigade. I doubt it can be removed.


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        2019 New Member
        Hi All,

        Can you successfully forfeit / gain possession of a 999 year lease for renting on Airbnb?

        The lease mentions not being allowed to let the apartment for a term less than 6 months and the lease in question is a 999 year lease from 1995.

        Thanks in advance...
        19-09-2019, 07:03 AM
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        We've had this exact problem. Overseas owner contracted letting agent Haart to find a tenant, and within a few weeks there was a stream of AirBnb-ers and the local chipshop owner was the keyholder. Apparently there's a clause in Haart's letting contract that allows sublets to short term tenants and...
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      • Sharing cost
        I am selling my flat. In order to do so I had to pay for a asbestos certificate which cost me £400+vat.
        Is it fair to ask the other freeholders to share the cost? The building has three flats and we share the freehold.
        Your views are appreciated.
        19-09-2019, 16:51 PM
      • Reply to Sharing cost
        Thanks for your replies.
        The building was build at the end of 19 century and converted into flats in the 80s
        21-09-2019, 12:59 PM
      • Reply to Sharing cost
        I agree, the other 2 leaseholders and joint freeholders should be approached and asked to contribute towards the cost in exchange for a copy of the report which they will need....
        21-09-2019, 11:15 AM
      • Reply to Can you forfeit a 999 year lease for renting on Airbnb?
        A shame that consideration for other stakeholders and a general respect for the lease do not appear to have been important.
        21-09-2019, 10:27 AM
      • Reply to Sharing cost
        One important point is that the whole case for sharing is based on the fact that the freeholders have failed to perform a statutory duty.

        If the OP wanted something from them that they weren't obliged to have obtained anyway, and which is not something that the lease requires them to provide,...
        21-09-2019, 10:03 AM
      • Reply to Sharing cost
        The OP would be writing to himself! He is one third of the freeholder.

        This is a dysfunctional share of the freehold case....
        21-09-2019, 09:21 AM
      • Reply to Sharing cost
        The success in seeking reimbursement will depend more on the style and approach of your letter than the actual law.

        i would write to the freeholder stating that you commissioned the asbestos report and as a consequence have undertaken a task which they should have undertaken - therefore...
        21-09-2019, 09:05 AM
      • Reply to Sharing cost
        The leaseholders are the joint freeholders! If the lease requires the freeholder to pay, there really should have been a formal agreement that freeholder costs be split equally.

        Is this one of these leases that tries to avoid having service charges?

        Worst case is that the joint...
        21-09-2019, 08:37 AM