FTT: search by person's name - advice please

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    FTT: search by person's name - advice please


    Can you search FTT decisions by just a name of a person where you do not know even if they have been involved in hearings or any idea of address etc.

    Please help if you can.

    Try making a search on the FTT / LVT records at LEASE website ( www.lease-advice.org ).

    If you are looking for a person and know the town of last address , try searching the town's telehone directory at a main public library ,



      Just enter the persons name in the search box. Surname only may be most productive, but no harm in trying it with full name or initials.


        If the person you're interested in has an interesting forename, you can even use that - i've found a few interesting ones that way.


          Thank you all but the search results are coming up with all different names. At the moment I searched just name without selecting category. Any further advice?


            The problem with the search facility provided by lease-advice (and the search facility for the most recent decisions provided here: https://www.gov.uk/residential-prope...unal-decisions ) is that it searches for a word anywhere in the pdf that details the decision - it cannot be restricted to a search of only the applicant or respondent.

            Once the results of a search have been displayed, you can 'sort' them into alphabetical order by Applicant or Respondent if you use the lease-advice search function (click on 'applicant' or 'respondent' and then find the page that would show the name that you are after).

            Other results will contain the name that you search for somewhere, possibly as a case that has been referred to in the decision, or possibly because a person (or company) with the same name attended as representative and/or witness or as a member of the tribunal, carried out a survey on the property, quoted for or carried out work of some sort, etc., etc.

            If your freeholder was involved in a case that was heard in a higher court you might find these here: https://www.bailii.org (and this database does allow more precise searches, including searching for specific phrases and searching only in the case name which would usually include the name of the applicant and respondent).
            Some FTT decisions are included, but not many. I believe that FTT cases are more likely to be found on bailii.org if they are considered likely to have important implications for future decisions for some reason (although this may not always be the case).


              Dear Macromia

              Thank you so much. I shall try to search again following your advice. I appreciate the trouble you went to.

              Thank you again.


                No trouble - I've fairly recently had the need to do similar searches myself, so I'm just posting wha I found out.

                If your freeholder has a name that only includes words that are likely to be common in leasehold disputes, you are likely to have more problems, as it won't only be the names of applicants/respondents and other people/companies that the searches highlight. For example, if your freeholder was a Mr Builder, the search results would include most decisions where building work was involved, even if none of the parties involved were named "builder", just because somewhere in the decision it is likely to say "the builder..." or something similar!


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