securing a good and marketable title deed

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    securing a good and marketable title deed

    Hey guys, what's your best advise to make sure the solicitor secures a good and marketable title deed? What would be an example of a bad title deed?

    I think that what Lawcruncher was getting at (in this thread) is that the role of your conveyancing solicitor in a property purchase is to ensure that the title that you are buying will be marketable in the future.

    Unless you are a developer who is creating new title deeds, the title deed already exists and will either be a 'good' purchase that is readily marketable, or one that will be difficult to sell in the future. If the latter, it may be that there are possible remedies which the solicitor can help get corrected (either before or after purchase), or it may be that they should advise against purchase under any circumstances.

    If your solicitor has not told you that there are any problems with the time deed that you are purchasing it should already be a marketable deed.

    A bad deed would be one that might later be unsellable for example, due to ground rents that become excessive, because there is no obligation for anyone to maintain the building, or because there is a dispute over ownership of the land that the property stands on.


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