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    Originally posted by Section20z View Post

    They may have renewed their website at great (public) expense but sadly it still gives incorrect legal advice. For example it clearly states that a Landlord can apply to FTT for appointment of a manager. He can't.
    useless bunch of t.......
    Scary to think of how much their incorrect advice could (and has) cost leaseholders who act on advice given by LEASE


      Originally posted by eagle2 View Post
      Esther McVey is a perfect choice, she was brave enough to stand up and then resign from the previous cabinet over the Brexit deal. I have every confidence in her to recognise and propose the changes which need to be made.
      Yikes Eagle! That is indeed an optimistic outlook. In this instance your cup is half full whereas mine is half empty on this occasion!
      Let's hope you are proved right and I am wrong ­čÖé


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      • Converting front garden into a driveway.
        by ForumFirstTimer

        I purchased my ground floor flat last year, its a converted house with 3 flats in. It has a small front garden which is 100% mine within the lease, but it is large enough that it would fit a car on it.

        The 'Garden' right now it just patchy weeds.

        My question...
        30-03-2020, 15:09 PM
      • Reply to Sole Director
        by leaseholder64
        Most companies have an exemption from the need for a quorum when appointing directors and the normal expectation is that the remaining director would make the appointment. Your AoA may fail to provide for this case, but the company is behaving in way that would normally be expected in such cases.
        30-03-2020, 12:33 PM
      • Sole Director
        by Stacker
        Hope you are all healthy and safe!....our AOA state that a quorum is required. The sole director has appointed another director, without one shareholder knowing about the meeting my question is would the meeting have been quorate and could the company secretary act ( one they hire not a member) be part...
        29-03-2020, 10:41 AM
      • Reply to Sole Director
        by Stacker
        Yes that's fine if you are a sole director with one member and the AOA state that quorum is NOT required however the
        AOA states directors, quorum required. Meaning plural, the sole director can not act on their own this is breach of fiduciary duty.

        Also there are members so the director...
        30-03-2020, 12:13 PM
      • Reply to Sole Director
        by Stacker
        Thanks for that however I have just been trawling thro google and found that is not the case if the AOA states quorum required and mentions directors as in plural the sole director can not act for the company or the board as they are a sole director, so meeting needs to be quorate by bringing in a member...
        29-03-2020, 20:28 PM
      • Reply to Increased service charge when let/unoccupied
        by leaseholder64
        Leases often have clauses about not causing additional expenditure, particularly for insurance, so it might be possible to charge as administration charges, as well.
        29-03-2020, 11:23 AM
      • Increased service charge when let/unoccupied
        by eshroom
        My mum has had her flat let out for some time, it is currently unoccupied and given COVID shall remain so for a few months.

        The service charge was £20 per month more for her as it was rented. She wasn't happy but went along with it. She asked to have it dropped now that it is not rented...
        27-03-2020, 10:42 AM
      • Reply to Sole Director
        by leaseholder64
        Most AoA allow a sole director to appoint other directors, even though otherwise inquorate. Generally the only other thing they can do is call a general meeting.

        The company secretary does not count towards the quorum.

        Many RMCs operate without a quorum, even though the director...
        29-03-2020, 11:16 AM
      • Rent Act restricting ground rent
        by Section20z
        One of my ground rent leases has a mechanism for the rent to rise on any assignment "......provided that such rent shall never exceed the amount which would bring this lease within the provisions of the Rent Act 1968 or any Act amending or re-enacting the same"
        The rent should be £650pa...
        27-03-2020, 09:44 AM
      • Reply to Rent Act restricting ground rent
        by Section20z
        Thanks , that makes complete sense and clears up why they would not want a long lease to be covered by the Rent Act.

        Of course the buyer was aware of the new rent and should have adjusted premium accordingly. The novel feature here is that the ground rent increases with any "difference"...
        29-03-2020, 08:31 AM