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    Originally posted by Section20z View Post

    They may have renewed their website at great (public) expense but sadly it still gives incorrect legal advice. For example it clearly states that a Landlord can apply to FTT for appointment of a manager. He can't.
    useless bunch of t.......
    Scary to think of how much their incorrect advice could (and has) cost leaseholders who act on advice given by LEASE


      Originally posted by eagle2 View Post
      Esther McVey is a perfect choice, she was brave enough to stand up and then resign from the previous cabinet over the Brexit deal. I have every confidence in her to recognise and propose the changes which need to be made.
      Yikes Eagle! That is indeed an optimistic outlook. In this instance your cup is half full whereas mine is half empty on this occasion!
      Let's hope you are proved right and I am wrong 🙂


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