New landlord being awkward.

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    Ok thanks macromania good advice but we are trying to find out if he legally has to inform us that he is the new freeholder. Do you know ??


      Quoting from the link I already gave you:

      (1)If the interest of the landlord under a tenancy of premises which consist of or include a dwelling is assigned, the new landlord shall give notice in writing of the assignment, and of his name and address, to the tenant not later than the next day on which rent is payable under the tenancy or, if that is within two months of the assignment, the end of that period of two months.


        Whether the new freeholder has to inform you that he is the new freeholder has already been answered:
        Originally posted by leaseholder64 View Post
        There is no requirement for a solicitor to issue the notice. The relevant legislation is
        He needs to inform you before any rent or service charge payments become due, or within two months of acquiring the freehold (whichever is the later - although if he sends demands out within two months they won't be payable if the freeholders name and an address for service of notices is not given on the demand).


          Ok you have been most helpful. Thankyou for your time and patience with me. Do you know if his address can be his place of work as in the takeaway or does it have to be his home address. ??
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            Have you tried to obtain the freehold register from Land registry? £3 if my memory doesnt fail me


              Yes Anna it is still showing the old freeholder. It hasnt been changed.


                Originally posted by petworld123 View Post
                Yes Anna it is still showing the old freeholder. It hasnt been changed.
                Can I double check that this is the freehold title, and not information held against your leasehold title?

                If so, something is seriously wrong.


                  No sorry you are correct 64


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                    Lending myself money IS using my capital.

                    Always rely on Opium ( O.P.M. ..... OTHER PEOPLES MONEY )

                    I don't choose my tenants. And I am not allowed ( U.K. ) to fly to the moment.
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                    No, it means it should be whatever is 'reasonable' to cover the time spent dealing with the notice (which will presumably be dealt with by a managing agent employee) and the cost of any stationary, stamps, etc. if anything has to be posted.
                    This will be at least £15 + VAT (so at least £18) but...
                    04-04-2020, 23:06 PM
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                    Thank you, I have just re read my lease and it says “shall be a reasonable fee being no less than £15 exclusive of VAT” so does that mean it should be £15 plus VAT?
                    04-04-2020, 19:28 PM
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                    You could lend yourself the money from your capital and increase your profits with the resultant interest,
                    or just be more careful choosing tenants.
                    04-04-2020, 19:17 PM
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                    Up to freeholder, when not specified in lease....
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                    Please engage brain.

                    Who said taking out loans makes a business profitable ?
                    It was not me.

                    I am not going to be your financial advisor, If you want that, it's £ 70 per hour.

                    But you and I am going off topic, which was : - ( and revised )

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