Can a situation exist where a property also owns the leasehold?

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    Can a situation exist where a property also owns the leasehold?

    I don't know how best to explain this, but will give it a go...

    I live in a leasehold property which is the first floor of a purpose built block of two (i.e. not a converted house). The ground floor property is owned by the freeholder.

    Can there ever be a situation whereby the ground floor property is not leasehold, but is the freehold as well?

    I have checked land registry (and would be happy to share) for the ground floor property and the title that I get when I pay my £3 is for the freehold for both buildings. In the section for "schedule of notice of leases" there is the information about my lease, but nothing for the ground floor property.

    In this situation I would have expected to see a freehold (owned by the landlord) and then two leaseholds under the notice of leases (which I hold and one which the freeholder or another of his companies owns).

    Have I missed something?

    It is very common. Most ex-council blocks will be like this, unless everyone has exercised right to buy.


      Thank you for your reply – so, if I may in my own situation, is there only one leaseholder and one freeholder (but two properties)?

      Does this mean that I could force a sale of half of the freehold for example via enfranchisement (100% of the leaseholders would want this to happen, i.e. me) or am I missing something?
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        You meant 100% of the long leaseholders, I presume. I'm not sufficiently familiar with the edge cases of the law, but it would clearly be unfair to the existing freeholder if this were allowed.

        Can you actually force a purchase in this case. I would have thought you only had first refusal rights, as the whole building is not your house.


          Thanks again for your reply.

          Unfortunately I have missed the boat on the first refusal - the property was transferred from the freeholder (own name) to a company in April 2017, which I found out about because I got an invoice with a new name. I thought the freeholder could do whatever he wanted with his property and never challenged this, and I think I only have 4 months from when I found this out to challenge this.


            If as you say the property is not a conversion and is a purpose built block then it seems you have the right to enfranchise. This means you will own 100% of the freehold. The freeholder will have the right to a 999 year leaseback for their flat.

            Are there any communal areas? Commercial areas?

            May I ask your motivation for considering enfranchisement. Are you looking to extend your lease? Or perhaps you are not happy with the management?


              Thank you for your reply vmart - could you point me in a direction where I can read more about this?

              I think I have answered my own question about enfranchisement as the property doesn't qualify - two thirds of the properties in the block are not owned by qualifying tenants, only one (mine) as the other isn't on a lease, so it's only half of the properties in the block.


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                02-08-2019, 19:02 PM
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                The solicitors are correct, the LVT does not have the power because it ceased to exist in June 2013.

                The FTT would also not have the jurisdiction to consider the charge because it is not a variable administration charge, you have the right to choose a fixed fee of £5 as stated by Lawcruncher...
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                Im due to complete on Monday which is the scariest part of this. I have a house cat. My lease is POORLY worded with a clause that says:

                " No pets may be kept in a flat and where the property is a house you must not keep any animal including livestock except a pet...
                16-08-2019, 23:15 PM
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                The property agent told you you can get consent for a house cat.

                Your solicitor told you the lease says cats can be kept with consent.

                The HA told you that they would grant permission pending the information provided. Presumably they want to reserve the right to refuse if you...
                20-08-2019, 01:17 AM
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                The power seems to have existed since September 2004, which is before the FTT replaced the LVT (Commonhold and Leasehold Reform Act 2002, Schedule 11).
                19-08-2019, 21:27 PM
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                Yes that’s right, he interprets it the same way as the HA do - the HA have clarified their position that it is, in their opinion, a blanket ban on pets in flats. The solicitor would therefore then argue that such a term would be considered unfair and therefore not legally binding....
                19-08-2019, 20:55 PM
              • Reply to HELP - lease clause
                I have already researched that case actually - the question in that case is whether the management company was reasonable in its refusal. This is quite different to this situation, whereby a blanket ban (which the HA are implying they have) allows no potential special circumstances to be taken into...
                19-08-2019, 20:52 PM
              • Reply to Underlet registration fee
                Well its been two weeks and they still haven't responded to my request for the freeholders solicitors details. we shall see what happens....

                they did send previously a templated response saying that "the LVT does not have power to rule that a registration fee is unreasonable"....
                19-08-2019, 19:36 PM
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                My comment regarding livestock was intended to be tongue in cheek!
                I think that you'd have to be more specific than "indoors" though - factory farmed livestock might not see anything other than the inside of a building until loaded into a cramped truck to be taken for slaughter.
                19-08-2019, 18:29 PM
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                I tried to post a bunch of medical links on the health effects of cats in buildings to others in the building. But seemingly if you have more than a few links your post gets killed.

                Anyway, I'm with jpkeates (and most others) on this one. Perhaps OPs solicitor will help out with the 70K...
                19-08-2019, 16:34 PM