Response in Parliament to Select Committee Leasehold Reform

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    Dealing with the greed is more difficult. Who repays the amounts overcharged? The freeholder, the agent, the beneficiary? Contracts could have been entered into. Should persistent offenders face criminal proceedings?


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    • Property Management bully behaviour
      Hi everyone,

      I would highly appreciate any contribution to this post.

      I'll get straight to the point: I am a leaseholder in a block of 8 flats in Leeds. One of the flats belongs to the Freehold owner (Landlord). Ever since I purchased this property we were dealing with a rather...
      18-09-2019, 18:37 PM
    • Reply to Property Management bully behaviour
      In reply to your off list questions (please do not do that).

      1) You never have a right to select the surveyor;

      2) You do not have a right to reject the section 20 proposed contractors and force a new round of consultation.

      Implied question: You do not have a right...
      21-09-2019, 15:58 PM
    • RTM Co Director Accused of Self Dealing
      Holy Cow
      Dear forum members, I joined the forum this morning after searching the internet for help with a problem. My partner is a director of a right to manage company - they took over the running of their building a couple of years ago - and he's getting hassle from the other directors.

      He had...
      10-08-2019, 09:55 AM
    • Reply to RTM Co Director Accused of Self Dealing
      If the late payment had any impact at all on other lessees (loss of a few pence of interest in the service charge account for example, and certainly any element of cross subsidisation) it is certainly not confidential.
      21-09-2019, 14:31 PM
    • Reply to RTM Co Director Accused of Self Dealing
      Holy Cow
      Hello again, thanks for your replies.
      Hoping to put this to bed, but am inquisitive over one thing: if a meeting of members was called, could the late payment of service charges be used by the other directors, or is it confidential under GDPR?
      21-09-2019, 14:06 PM
    • Sharing cost
      I am selling my flat. In order to do so I had to pay for a asbestos certificate which cost me £400+vat.
      Is it fair to ask the other freeholders to share the cost? The building has three flats and we share the freehold.
      Your views are appreciated.
      19-09-2019, 16:51 PM
    • Reply to Sharing cost
      The initial build will be low risk for asbestos. The 1980s conversion was after limitations started being imposed, but might not be quite late enough. Of course, earlier maintenance may have added asbestos....
      21-09-2019, 13:38 PM
    • Can you forfeit a 999 year lease for renting on Airbnb?
      2019 New Member
      Hi All,

      Can you successfully forfeit / gain possession of a 999 year lease for renting on Airbnb?

      The lease mentions not being allowed to let the apartment for a term less than 6 months and the lease in question is a 999 year lease from 1995.

      Thanks in advance...
      19-09-2019, 07:03 AM
    • Reply to Can you forfeit a 999 year lease for renting on Airbnb?
      Holy Cow
      We've had this exact problem. Overseas owner contracted letting agent Haart to find a tenant, and within a few weeks there was a stream of AirBnb-ers and the local chipshop owner was the keyholder. Apparently there's a clause in Haart's letting contract that allows sublets to short term tenants and...
      21-09-2019, 13:12 PM
    • Reply to Sharing cost
      Thanks for your replies.
      The building was build at the end of 19 century and converted into flats in the 80s
      21-09-2019, 12:59 PM