RTM Set up but Freeholder Refusing to Stop Providing Services

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    RTM Set up but Freeholder Refusing to Stop Providing Services


    I am looking for advice on how we can handle a Freeholder who refuses to stop providing services to a block where the RTM process has completed.

    We (residents) have completed the RTM process for a block of 9 flats. The block was completed in 2016 and we took over in September 2018.

    Seven flats (including mine) have been sold to private individuals, with the freeholder retaining two.

    The reason for the RTM was excessive service charges, no accounts and the Freeholder's aggressive attitude to residents.

    Since takeover, the Freeholder refuses to stop providing some services including gardening. The Freeholder is not a gardener and his work conflicts with the professionals have hired e.g. watering the plants whilst our gardeners are there so they cannot mow the lawn. They have also sent us abusive letters for changes we made (e.g. we put window film on the front door to stop outsiders looking in, following an attempted break-in a week prior).

    The freeholder has also sectioned off the communal garden for their personal use. This is being dealt with by the council, however he is often watering this "private" garden using the communal tap.

    The Freeholder visits the property at least 3-4 times a day (he lives next door) - this is purely to walk around the site and no nonsense maintenance, rather than visiting the flats he owns.

    We have written to the Freeholder multiple times informing his that we do not require his services.

    What can we do in this case?



    The lease may well give the freeholder a right to use the garden, although subject to the easements allowing the leaseholders to use it. I think we need the bit of the lease that gives leaseholders rights in the garden.


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