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    Advice please

    I have posted about this before

    I live in a block of (11) privately owned flats in Teignmouth, Devon
    I am a resident and a director of the flats maintenance company.

    I/we are experiencing problems with our current agent. (ie he will not let me view ANY company documents.)

    The agent has/is clearly not fulfilling his part of the contract as he has stated that i need to pay him for his time, to view and discuss elements of the maintenance company, when in the contract it states that he is freely available!

    There are other elements of the contract that he has not adhered to.
    The thing is, he just ignores any correspondence.
    I can't sue for 'Breach of contract' as there is no financial loss. He is just breaking the terms of the contract.

    So what can I/we do?

    You can request an injunction for specific performance (but not as small claims).


      If the agent is appointed by the management company, give him notice to terminate the agreement and appoint someone who will follow your instructions and comply with the agreement.


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      • Reply to Service charge budget for 2020
        by Gordon999
        The budget proposal is a rough estimate of maintenance spending for the year and is used to calculated what each flat should be charged for their annual service charge levy.

        The audited accounts which are produce about 6 months after the year end will show you what was actually spent
        20-11-2019, 02:24 AM
      • Service charge budget for 2020
        by stum
        I have received a budget for the servcie charges for 2020. This is sent as a budget proposal, but at same time suggests that charges will start in January 2020, making it not a proposal but a matter of fact, as far as the service agent is concerned.
        I am querying one of the proposed...
        19-11-2019, 20:53 PM
      • Service Charge Percentage Wrong
        by gidoc
        Dear all,
        I hope this forum can guide me to the next step. I have a leasehold apartment, which I purchased in July 2007. I have never been able to go through the whole lease esp the page no1, which clearly defines the service charges as 1%. I am however been charged 2%( extra 1% for communal areas,...
        17-11-2019, 21:47 PM
      • Reply to Service Charge Percentage Wrong
        by leaseholder64
        I've re-read the lease extract, and it still seems to me that most of the items under block costs relate to internal common area items.

        What I suspect has happened is that 4 of the leases have different wordings, that fail to cover those items, and those don't get the internal items list,...
        20-11-2019, 00:42 AM
      • Reply to Service Charge Percentage Wrong
        by leaseholder64
        Looks like there are 101 properties on the estate, 96 of them contribute to your apartment charge and 92 to your internal charge.

        What are the actual numbers in each category?

        The actual percentages differ from the lease, but are more accurate for an equal split 101/96/92 ways....
        20-11-2019, 00:25 AM
      • Reply to Service Charge Percentage Wrong
        by gidoc
        Here is a breakdown of service charges:
        the internal area cost- is not being paid by equivalent apartments(very few)- which do not have internal areas.
        19-11-2019, 23:03 PM
      • Reply to Service charge budget for 2020
        by leaseholder64
        Only if the lease requires that. There is no legal requirement to provide details of the budget, although it is best practice to do so.

        The typical reason for seeing new types of charge is health and safety, e.g. emergency light testing.
        19-11-2019, 21:52 PM
      • Reply to Service Charge Percentage Wrong
        by gidoc
        Landlord is a Private holding company ( commercial )
        I have set up a telephone adv from The Leasehold Advisory Service

        FTT and tribunal should be next step

        and then small claims court for debt recovery if all goes ok

        hope I got that in the right order....
        19-11-2019, 21:34 PM
      • Reply to RMC - Dormant Status with HMRC - Banking
        by bigalxyz
        Thank you.

        1. When you say “separate from personal expenses” - I don’t understand. Which expenses are you referring to?

        2. Ok (I think)

        3. I have a debit card for the RMC’s normal business account, but not for the “bolt on” client account. I wasn’t...
        19-11-2019, 18:54 PM
      • RMC - Dormant Status with HMRC - Banking
        by bigalxyz
        I'm one of the directors of an RMC looking after a leasehold building (having recently taken over from an external property manager).

        The company is dormant at HMRC. It has a business account, unused. All of our funds (service charge monies) are in a separate client account.

        19-11-2019, 14:44 PM