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    Advice please

    I have posted about this before

    I live in a block of (11) privately owned flats in Teignmouth, Devon
    I am a resident and a director of the flats maintenance company.

    I/we are experiencing problems with our current agent. (ie he will not let me view ANY company documents.)

    The agent has/is clearly not fulfilling his part of the contract as he has stated that i need to pay him for his time, to view and discuss elements of the maintenance company, when in the contract it states that he is freely available!

    There are other elements of the contract that he has not adhered to.
    The thing is, he just ignores any correspondence.
    I can't sue for 'Breach of contract' as there is no financial loss. He is just breaking the terms of the contract.

    So what can I/we do?

    You can request an injunction for specific performance (but not as small claims).


      If the agent is appointed by the management company, give him notice to terminate the agreement and appoint someone who will follow your instructions and comply with the agreement.


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