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    Service Charge Template


    Does anyone know where I can find a template of a service charge invoice to be issued by an RTM or what information it would need to contain.

    Many Thanks

    A service charge demand should contain a clear description of what is being charged eg quarterly service charge contribution based on your share of x% of the total budget for the year ending 31 December 2019

    It should state the due date for payment if different to the date of the demand

    It should contain the name and address of the landlord for notices

    Details of the bank account, showing the name and address of the bank and the name of the account and the account number, should be supplied if not given elsewhere

    It should be accompanied by a summary of tenants’ rights and obligations




        Great thanks


          Sorry to bring up an old post. After what feels like an eternity I am finally in a position to issue the service charge.

          Regarding providing the landlords details for notices, the landlord is absent on our property so we don't actually know who he/she is never mind their address. What should we provide in this instance.

          The wording on the service charge template I have is "In accordance with section 47 and 48 Landlord and Tenant Act 1987, the Landlord’s name and address in England and Wales for service of Notices [including Notice in Proceedings] is......"

          Thanks in advance



            Its ok, I found it, the RTM company.


              I don't think that is correct, I believe that the details of the landlord are required as well. In your case, I would state that there is an absentee landlord and supply details if and when you receive them.


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