Conservatory to build in a leasehold ground Floor Maisonette (corner)

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    Conservatory to build in a leasehold ground Floor Maisonette (corner)

    Hi there,
    I need a suggestion from the experts here. I have recently bought a ground floor maisonette (cornered) which is under the leasehold of the council. I plan to build a temporary shed/conservatory outside in the garden side attached to the main building. I want to know:

    1- Am I allowed making this extension.
    2- If need any planning permission, what is the best way to start and proceed.
    3- Is there any way I can buy my lease? and make it a freehold?


    You don't want to make less than the whole building freehold. You can make an offer to the council to buy out the freehold of the whole building.

    Maisonettes will be like flats and not have permitted development rights.

    You lease will tell you whether you need permission form the landlord.


      Your questions should be put to the Council. If the rest of the building is occupied by Council tenants ,the rules may be different.


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        OP you really need to listen to advice given as you seem to misunderstand most of the situation you are in, the meaning if your lease, that solicitors don't judge anything etc etc etc.

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