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    Originally posted by Lawcruncher View Post
    Professional opinion is clearly divided. In the absence of clarification from the courts … .
    Professional opinion is divided, It seems to be agreed that the service charge monies do not belong to a RMC, it does not benefit from them, it deploys them. It also seems to be agreed that the RMC acts as principal when instructing contractors.
    Thereafter there is disagreement on how the service charge transactions should be recorded. I am all in favour of keeping things simple and preparing separate service charge accounts in accordance with the lease but I struggle to see how the RMC can be regarded as dormant.
    I would certainly object to some form of hybrid accounts being prepared which is what was proposed at one stage. They would be meaningless and the cost could not be justified.


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      My solicitor has strongly advised me against purchasing a flat as it has just come to light that the recently renewed lease has had its ground rent increased 100% and it is also on a doubling basis. My solicitor has advised us that mortgage companies are becoming more reluctant to offer mortgages on...
      16-10-2019, 19:31 PM
    • Reply to Doubling rent
      Thank you so much. What you have said makes sense but the solicitor has put the fear of god into us and the mortgage broker also seemed concerned when we informed him. We are so close to exchanging that it is a bitter pill to swallow not to mention all the money we have lost. I think if we went ahead...
      17-10-2019, 05:31 AM
    • Reply to Doubling rent
      Please listen to your solicitor. He is advising you correctly.
      0.1% is a problem which many lenders are now refusing to lend on.
      The massive jump from £30 to £300 g/r means the lease extension was an informal one rather than a formal one. This is not good! (If unsure of the difference...
      17-10-2019, 05:29 AM
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      This near hysteria that has broken out of late makes the ground rent terms on this flat seem like a problem to some buyers and lenders. There is nothing worrying about the terms of this lease - £300 is not a trival sum but neither is it so large as to cause worry and panic. Let’s get some perspective...
      16-10-2019, 22:07 PM
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      Doubling every 33 years is way way below even the lowest estimates of inflation. That sounds like a great deal. Doubling every 15 years or so would be at about general inflation (or even every 5 years given a few years of a Corbyn disaster)....
      16-10-2019, 20:46 PM
    • Management Company Costs
      Hello all

      I wonder if somebody with "real life experience" could give me an indicative cost for a MC to manage 4 Leasehold flats within a converted building?
      It is currently self managed by a limited Company comprising the 4 directors who are also shareholders of the freehold....
      14-10-2019, 07:18 AM
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      My company, based in Manchester, would quote between £900-£1300 per year depending on the size, scope of regular maintenance, inspection and Director meeting frequency. It's difficult to apply a per unit price when there aren't many, we need to make sure we can afford to actually manage the site,...
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      Hello. I am the owner of a residential apartment, which I use as my main residence, which is managed by a property management company, to whom I pay a monthly service fee, and a residents management company, of which the PMC is one of the directors. The freehold of the land is owned and managed by a...
      15-10-2019, 15:50 PM
    • Reply to Visitor Parking Dispute and Unreasonable Behaviour
      I don't see how this would help.
      If the directors of the PMC are unwilling to allow the OP to park in a visitors spot while he/she is affected by a temporarily physical problem, is it really likely that they would agree to allow them to use a the parking spot if it was specifically set aside for...
      16-10-2019, 20:03 PM
    • Reply to Doubling rent
      Yes it is on both counts. it is £300 on a purchase price of £230,000. Doubling every 33 years. I was only increased last year when the lease was extended from £30 to £300
      16-10-2019, 19:44 PM