Window Cleaning - how often is the norm?

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    Window Cleaning - how often is the norm?

    Our Managing Agents have written to state that our block of 5 leasehold flats are now changing from an 8 week rota for window cleaning to every 2 weeks. They state that this is in line with Lease requirements however there is no frequency listed in the Lease, just the standard responsibility clause in the Services section.

    My question is 'What would be deemed a reasonable frequency for window cleaning?'

    I suspect if you surveyed the general population of owners of houses (where they are in control), the frequency of cleaning (95th and 5th centiles) would range from 10 weeks to never.

    2 weeks seems rather short. If it is costing you a lot, suggest you get their statement in writing, and then take it to FTT to ask the question.

    Mumsnet is the gold standard - and they say once a month maybe, and the cost is £3.50 each time and a cuppa.

    So how much are you paying?


      Windows cleaned once every 6 weeks March-October.
      Gutters and UPVC cleaned annually in March (gutters emptied of leaves and all given a wipe down with UPVC cleaner)


        Many years ago you could get cleaners to do 3rd floor windows on a long ladder.

        But now if higher than 1st floor, the worker has to be provided with scaffolding.

        So whatever in the past, has become " never ".


          Reducing the frequency from 8 weeks to 2 weeks seems to be extreme and you deserve a better explanation than an unhelpful statement that they can.

          What is reasonable depends on the circumstances eg the location of the property, is it near a busy road, or the sea, are building works being carried out nearby etc, is the change temporary or permanent, have any leaseholders complained etc


            Ours are done quarterly.
            The windows on the 2, 3 and 4th floors are done from the ground with a "reach and wash" system so no scaffolding is required.


              Our windows are cleaned quarterly which is adequate. No scaffolding required - reach and wash system reaches upper flats.

              It would be helpful if OP posted clause related to window cleaning for further input.


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