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    Advise needed.

    Hi allI, I'll try to keep this as short as possible. I've got a apartment that I currently have a mortgage on. I had a dog before I moved in several years ago and she's past away. Now my son has moved in with me due to personal reasons ( unable to rent a plave of his own to due work not being great ) he's got a young dog. This morning I received a letter from the management company saying that the puppy has to go ( the letter is addressed to me since I didn't feel the need to mention to them that my son is staying with me ) would telling them that he is and it won't be permanent help him keep the puppy? Sorry if this isn't the right section, had seen other posts on this forum on Google. Thank you.

    If the time limit on editing posts hasn't passed, please change the subject so that it summarises the specific problem.

    The management company wrote to you because their contract (the lease) is with you.

    Whether they have a right and/or duty to order the removal of the dog depends on the wording of your lease, so you will need to tell us exactly what it says about pets, or one what other basis they are claiming you are breaching it.


      I agree that it depends on the wording of the lease. Perhaps you could let us know what it says. It is strange that you were allowed to keep a dog for several years and now you are being told that it is not permitted. Have they not explained any reason to you?


        Sorry, doesn't seem I can edit the post. The lease says no pets, but my own dog was an exception due to me having before I moved here. I didn't think there was an issue since others have mortgages here and bought pups several months after coming here. They just said about complaints being made but they didn't say what they are.


          If it simply says no pets, you should have asked permission in each case, and been prepared to accept "no" for an answer.

          At some point, turning a blind eye to other breaches may make it difficult to enforce, but you don't really know whether they did turn a blind eye, or actually gave permission on condition that it did not set a precedent.


            What is the actual wording of the lease? It may make a difference if the dog is not yours and is not staying permanently with you. It looks like the management company did not enforce the lease either with you or with others and it is extremely difficult for it to suddenly change its policy after several years. If there is a genuine complaint, you should be told the precise nature of it and given the opportunity to respond.


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