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    Freehold query

    Can the Freeholder of a house be forced to sell the freehold to a leaseholder?
    the freehold is not owned by an individual; it's held in a trust.

    The freehold of a leasehold house can be subject to compulsory purchase, but I have no idea how this might be complicated by the freehold being held in trust.


      I suggest you have a look at Also you can talk to a specialist adviser in person.


        Try the following link


          Thank you,
          It seems if a leaseholder holds a lease on a property that sits mostly on its own land, then in 2 years they can ask the freeholder, serve notice/ have the legal right for the freehold. If there is any ambiguity about the land / sharing the land with others - ie flying freehold - then they don't have the right; they can only have a lease


            You should buy a copy of the freehold title and site plan from Land Registry Online ( cost £3 by credit card for each item) and check if the boundary line on site plan co-incides with the actual boundary fences.

            The leasehold rules requires the leaseholder to wait 2 years before making a compulsory purchase but nothing to stop the leaseholder making a voluntary offer.


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              For anyone interested -

              Chapter 6 focus on Leasehold..

              18-07-2019, 12:46 PM
            • Reply to Lord Best report
              ARMA estimate that £1.3 billion of unprotected client money is held by managing agents. So what is proposed? It is suggested that the Government considers making sinking funds mandatory in both existing and new leases, which is likely to add to the figure.

              It is also suggested that the...
              21-07-2019, 12:12 PM
            • Reply to Lord Best report
              This has fudge written all over it.

              Suppose that all agents declare an average 5% commission, I can imagine the Government and the new regulator claiming then that they have successfully reduced the rates of commission and acted in the best interests of all leaseholders, even though they...
              21-07-2019, 11:47 AM
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              The new regulator is supposed to be self financing, at least after the start up period, which probably means that the leaseholders will pay for the cost one way or another....
              21-07-2019, 11:29 AM
            • Reply to Lord Best report
              Carrying out spot checks would require an increase in tax payer spend. No Conservative government is going to sanction that.

              (As I said elsewhere, I think the country has reached a point where respect for the law is in terminal decline, as a result of not funding pro-active enforcement,...
              21-07-2019, 11:13 AM
            • Reply to Lord Best report
              I accept that transparency is better than nothing but can anyone explain how it assists a leaseholder if an agent declares that he receives say 5% commission on an insurance policy? A leaseholder is unlikely to be able to prove that the disclosure is incorrect. To have any meaning at all, someone should...
              21-07-2019, 11:04 AM
            • does solicitor no longer work for you after completion?
              Hello guys

              After asking a question today to my solicitor, I received this response below

              Our instructions are now concluded in respect of the conveyancing and there is no further correspondence for us to forward to you apart from the completed HMLR registration which will be...
              19-07-2019, 13:00 PM
            • Reply to does solicitor no longer work for you after completion?
              I suspect that this is connected with your comments on one of your other threads regarding the service charge deficit.

              Your solicitor appears to be saying that he has collected the service charge deficit from the vendor on this occasion but if the freeholder raises any further charges which...
              21-07-2019, 07:21 AM
            • Secret commissions
              The issue of freeholders and managing agents fiddling insurance commissions at leaseholders’ expense was raised in the Times earlier this month.

              Sir Peter, 74, said that secret commissions were part of a broader pattern of mistreatment of leaseholders. “Those receiving cowboy commissions...
              18-07-2019, 20:27 PM
            • Reply to Secret commissions
              Transparency and accountability is only part of the issue. Proving that all commissions have been declared is another matter. Proving that 3rd parties are connected with the freeholders and agents is another matter.

              Insurance only scratches the surface, what about all the other expenditure...
              21-07-2019, 06:03 AM