Terminating a Managing Agent

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    Terminating a Managing Agent

    Can anyone point me to the correct wording to use in a letter to terminate a contract with a managing agent? It's a rolling contract that has come to the end of its initial term so we don't have to give a reason for termination—just 3 months' notice.|

    I can only find example letters where the contract is being terminated because of a breach.

    Presuming you have standing to write to terminate:

    "Hi there -- as of (date) we have no need for your services, Please convey all the stuff you have and any cash and keys or notify us and we will collect from your office. Cheers"


      You could remind them of the RICs code page 41 ish


        Here is my draft , you may think of a better way :

        Dear Sir,

        With reference to your company's service agreement for managing the service charge account for our block at ( address ) , we wish to serve 90 days notice effective from ( notice date ) to terminate your services on ( termination date ) .

        We have appointed a new agent ( name ) to take over administration of the service charge account from the date of your termination.

        We trust you will co-operate fully to handover the records and unspent money in the service charge account in accordance to latest RICS Residential Management Code ( Please do not commit any money laundering offences ).

        Please acknowledge receipt of this notice by first class post /email within 7 days.

        Yours faithfully ,


          Thanks all!


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