Major Works - Buying a lease - Who's responsible for paying??

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    Major Works - Buying a lease - Who's responsible for paying??

    I'm hoping that someone can answer a question for me🙂
    I've just put an offer on an ex local authority leasehold flat, of which Brighton & Hove Council are the freeholders. In September 2018, they installed new windows in the property as 'major works ', however the leaseholders share of the cost, will not be invoiced until September 2019, by which time I will be the leaseholder.
    My question is, am I responsible for works which were carried out, before I purchased the lease, or, will the current leaseholder we liable, even though he won't own the lease when the Invoice is issued ?
    He is stating that it will be my responsibility, but it doesn't seem right to me and as of now, he doesn't even know what the cost will be!!
    I spoke to the leaseholder of the neighbouring property and he reckons around £5K per flat........
    Is it him or me, that is responsible for paying?
    Many thanks in advance, for your help

    I would expect you to be responsible but for you to reduce your offer for the flat by £5k to compensate for the cost.

    Note that local authorities leases are usually improving leases, and you should budget to have to pay for the things they think desirable for their non-long leaseholders, so you should expect to have to pay more in service charges than would be the case for private estate.


      Thank you, I will look into ex authority leases more closely.........I'm hoping the current leaseholder will agree to reduce the price or at least meet me halfway😞


        It is very much a buyers market and you should assert yourself that your offer took into account the benefit of the windows you were not aware of the unusual fact that they have yet to be paid for. It seems only reasonable to reduce your offer by the £5k


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