Basement water egress and maybe some sort or damp issue

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    Basement water egress and maybe some sort or damp issue

    Over the Christmas period, I noticed some water under my copper pipes so my first response was to call in a plumber as I thought maybe my pipes are leaking. The plumber came and said can't see anything, plumber 2 said similar however wisely said keep on eye on the area in wet weather and low and behold when very wet weather there is egress of water into the basement from the soil. I have brought this up with other flat owners and immediately we have its not our flat nothing to do with us however I said its the foundations to the building then we get in to roof and I explained if there was an issue with the roof then we all pay so I suggested a surveyor which went down like a lead balloon, they don't want to pay and they all want to come and inspect the floor at my property however can't see the point of that as a surveyor is the person who needs to access so do I go ahead and pay surveyor myself as it is my property which is being damaged yet it is the overall responsibility for all of us and the basement is not tanked!

    Appears to be a continuation of

    I assume you meant ingress.


      Apologies placed in wrong area!


        Yes. You engage a surveyor. If problems identified, and is free holderrs responsibility, then get a couple of estimates. Notify mc, or however organized, that they must have this work done within reasonable time. If they don't you have it done, as self help, and claim money back.
        i suggest contacting LEASE for detailed legal advice, free.


          Thank you Scot, I have manged to persuade them to engage a surveyor however have been told that damp does not really exist apparently its a bit of a scam industry to get people to buy DPC courses which dont work with older buildings. Read up on Peter Cox You tube


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