necessary notices and permissions for a boiler relocation in a flat

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    I parsed this as four parts, although I thought it was intended as three. That's why I said it was badly drafted.


      Hi Lawcruncher,
      Many thanks for your response!

      Re the Manager, looking at the lease "the Manager is to undertake responsibility for the supply of services to the Development for which the Lessee will pay the Lessee's portion of the maintenance expenses." I read this as the property management company F.

      I had an emergency meeting with my letting agent at the end of last week regarding this. When pushed, it turns out they had in the past successfully obtained permission to perform boiler revocations to the outside wall at the same premises for other clients. This surprised me greatly as when I mentioned to them the need for permission to do this work, they sounded surprised. Anyway, armed with this information, I completed the freeholders's agent's application form for the change and emailed it to them, and a day later, a confirmation of approval email popped in my inbox. Having spoken to M's site manager, they are asked for for their approval, and thus it appears the agent merely acts as a relay for these approvals and banks a new fee for doing so.

      Confusingly, and slightly worryingly, the approval seems to contradict itself. It states at the beginning:
      "We .... give consent for:
      Schedule of alterations: relocation boiler/flue

      This consent is given for the works described in your application and as shown on your plans.

      This consent is for the replacement of the boiler only and any changes in the placement of the boiler or the flue will require express approval of the landlord and its agents."

      Doesn't it clearly state they approve the relocation of the boiler and flew and then go on to say that it doesn't? If so, where I do stand with this approval? Note that my application clearly states a new boiler will be fitted and it will be relocated to the kitchen and will vent through the outside wall.

      kind regards


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