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  • skidder
    started a topic Bill left over from RTM

    Bill left over from RTM

    Good afternoon all,

    I must thank you all for the previous advice with our RTM. To be honest, so far, it has not been too stressful.

    Now just a quick question please.

    6 months after RTM I have had a fairly large 'professional fee' from a company that my managing agent did not settle before handover. It is not a utility bill.

    Now my first reaction is to just pay it but my question is who is actually liable?

    Many thanks again.

  • eagle2
    You should check first of all that the sum demanded is a valid charge and that it is payable eg did the managing agent instruct services to be provided by the Company and was the amount authorised? You should then check whether or not you are permitted to use the service charge monies to pay the bill eg is it for a service which may be considered as a service charge under the terms of the lease? Once you are satisfied that the bill was authorised and it is payable and you are authorised to use service charge monies, then you are able to pay the bill.

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