How often does Right To Manage Application objections reach the Court Of Appeals?

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  • How often does Right To Manage Application objections reach the Court Of Appeals?

    Pretty straightforward question, this. We won our RTM last year, following a counter notice from our FH, which was dismissed as nonsense. They appealed this decision; which Tribunal denied. They then appealed to Upper Tribunal, which after a few months has been denied as 'there is no chance of winning an appeal'. The only place to go from here is the Court of Appeal.

    I understand it's quite rare for a RTM to progress to the Court of Appeal. Anyone have any idea how rare?

  • eagle2
    Hi Benzo, your FH is stretching it out to the limits, but I suspect that you are not surprised based on your history.

    I have found a couple of other cases which have reached the Court of Appeal but they are rare, most FHs would have given up by now.

    I am sure that there will be long celebrations when you eventually succeed.

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