How often does Right To Manage Application objections reach the Court Of Appeals?

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    How often does Right To Manage Application objections reach the Court Of Appeals?

    Pretty straightforward question, this. We won our RTM last year, following a counter notice from our FH, which was dismissed as nonsense. They appealed this decision; which Tribunal denied. They then appealed to Upper Tribunal, which after a few months has been denied as 'there is no chance of winning an appeal'. The only place to go from here is the Court of Appeal.

    I understand it's quite rare for a RTM to progress to the Court of Appeal. Anyone have any idea how rare?

    Hi Benzo, your FH is stretching it out to the limits, but I suspect that you are not surprised based on your history.

    I have found a couple of other cases which have reached the Court of Appeal but they are rare, most FHs would have given up by now.

    I am sure that there will be long celebrations when you eventually succeed.


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      I live in a block of four flats, 2 ground floor, 2 first floor.
      The other 3 flats share a communal hallway/stairs, we have a private entrance ( a maisonette i believe - why do i feel all Hyacinth Bouquet!)

      Anyway, within my lease i have no covenant giving me any kind of responsibility...
      18-10-2019, 19:18 PM
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      My comments on #2 were made too soon. Still believe you're O.K !
      Other posts have been valuable. I understand now where you are coming from and wish you well....
      20-10-2019, 20:20 PM
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      To paraphrase the upstairs flats lease covenant;

      as and when necessary pay a fair proportion the cost of keeping in good repair__________________________

      The structure of the building so far as it comprises flat 5,6,7, 8, and in particular but without prejudice to the generality...
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      You are absolutely right. Perhaps a limitation of forums is generally being unable to have a full picture.
      20-10-2019, 16:17 PM
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      I know I've posted many times on this subject, apologies.
      The issue is tanking first floor flat where none has existed. External wall has been carefully maintained. I have searched but not able to find any cases.
      Also could freeholder be liable for any internal work such as plaster....
      01-10-2019, 09:04 AM
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      Thanks for the detailed response. Unfortunately we did have one of the PCA members. Work suggested was incredible.
      Unfortunately we are not anywhere near London. Majority of people have said tanking only for cellars or basements and tanking first floor flat would be detrimental for the rest...
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      Agree with that. The lease is what the lease is. The original purchaser bought it and paid a price based on what it is, whether that was in error or otherwise.

      It would be pretty outrageous if it were "corrected" in retrospect without compensation and without agreement. The only...
      20-10-2019, 14:42 PM
    • Reply to Liability for costs?
      Do the other leases specify a proportion of the cost of repairing the roof? If the split is discretionary, I don't see how the lease would be ruled defective, or how you could be forced to pay for the roof.

      Have you looked at other ground floor lease? If it includes paying for the roof,...
      20-10-2019, 14:13 PM