transitioning from FTT appointed manager back to RTM

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  • eagle2
    Apologies I did not address a couple of your questions. You can check the status of the RTM at Companies House, it is probably dormant. It would not be allowed to operate at all if it had been dissolved. Someone (the agent?) is arranging the meeting to decide how the RTM proceeds. If the agent is receptive to new directors being on the board, that appears to be a good sign, there is the opportunity for leaseholders/members to put themselves forward and appoint those who are likely to act in their best interests.

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  • eagle2
    The purpose of an RTM Company is for the leaseholders to run the management of the property and make decisions. In your case, it looks like one or more leaseholders/members are abusing their power and they are not acting in the best interests of the other leaseholders/members. The best solution is for the majority of leaseholders/members to decide at the meeting how to proceed in future, appoint the directors they wish to represent them and decide which managing agent they want to be appointed at the property.

    There is always the right for a leaseholder to apply to the FTT but you should consider it as a last resort and the RTM Company is there for you to make decisions yourselves.

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  • transitioning from FTT appointed manager back to RTM


    Would be extremely grateful for help with this from someone with experience and knowledge of RTM companies:

    I am a leaseholder in a large (30) block of flats. Up until 4 years ago the building was under RTM management (for about 10 years), but for the last 4 we have have been under a first tier tribunal appointed manager. To cut a long story short: the building is heritage, has needed a lot of expensive repairs, Section 20s, all extremely costly for leaseholders, high service charge, values of flats plummeted. Lots of hostilities between RTM and leaseholders about how things were being run, mistrust, breakdown of communication.
    The past RTM operated like a closed clique with not much change of members; little power-sharing and was not open to having new people come on board as directors. Also the chair of the board sought to have a lot of power, and does not even reside in this country. (?!). From what I know of RTMs and the ethos behind them - these two things - being exclusive and having a non-residential nor local chair seems to go against the very principle behind the RTM?

    This all created a lot of hostility so the board applied to the FTT and sought money from certain (not all - only the ones who felt supported them) leaseholders to do so.

    Since the FTT manager has taken over there has been a hiatus in the hostilities and we have moved forward with a lot of the repairs. However, now the manager's time is up and they want to hand back to RTM next year. We are fearful that the current manager (the FTT appointed one) is in the pockets of the previous board (who he seems to have been consorting with) and is going to do the easy thing and enable them to slot back into power - without addressing the historical problems. My view and that of many others is that there needs to be a change of directorship if the building is to move forward out of the ghastly situation of before.We are being called to a meeting about this soon. Can anyone comment on this situation and tell me anything about:

    - what the status of the previous RTM would now be (following the FTT period); is it dormant or dissolved?
    - how would the RTM be reformed and how do we appoint new directors?
    - is there anything we can do to ensure that the new board is not composed by a majority of the old members?
    - what should we ask/demand the outgoing manager do to ensure the RTM starts afresh? (he has actually said to me on the phone that he thinks there should be new people on the board) and does he have power over this process?
    - if we are unhappy with the ensuing situation can we go back to the FTT and complain?

    Many thanks
    Poppy H

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