Section 22 notice sent, what now?

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    Section 22 (1) makes it clear that a section 21 request is not a prerequirement for making a section 22 request:

    (1)This section applies where a tenant, or the secretary of a recognised tenants’ association, has obtained such a summary as is referred to in section 21(1) (summary of relevant costs), whether in pursuance of that section or otherwise.

    [The above is a direct quote, with emphasis added].

    What matters is that a summary that can be considered to satisfy the requirements of section 21 has been received. It doesn't matter how the summary was received.


      It is extremely unusual for the information required under s21 to be circulated routinely to leaseholders. The usual service charge accounts do not contain the required information and they are often signed only by directors, the MA or a practising accountant rather than a registered auditor as required under s21. Unless the required information is held, a s22 notice cannot be served. Your point is academic because in this case, the MA has disclosed information on a voluntary basis,


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