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    No, the lease appears to give you the option, the certificate may be signed either by the lessor's agents or accountants.


      The certificate shall include a Summary of the service charge account for 12 months period from 1stJan to 31 Dec 2018 for the block of flats at 28 Station Road. This summary shall show the service charge contribution received from the leaseholders and the expenses incurred ( cleaning, gardening , building insurance and reserve fund for external painting etc ) plus opening and closing balance in bank account at year end. The information is based on the bookkeeping records of the managing agent who can certify the summary.

      Then call a meeting for the 5 leaseholders to present the certified summary , show the supporting bills and receipts and get the certified accounts approved by leaseholders at the meeting.


        Out of 4 flats, only 2 of us are freeholders. As freeholders, we've been very unlucky with our leaseholders. One hasn't paid service charges for 5 years. She's now been repossessed by her lenders. The other is this property developer who is vexatious. A meeting isn't possible. But if our managing agent were to certify the accounts, can anyone tell me what form this would take? I mean do they have to make up some kind of 'certificate' or is there a legal form?


          Please refer again to the last paragraph of #6. Your managing agent should read the lease and ensure that the certificate complies with it. There is not a standard form, I explained what I would expect to be included within the certificate.

          It looks like you are not receiving the support which you need from your managing agent.


            It can be a covering letter for the service charge account summary and certified by the managing agent as based on the bookkeeping records for your address .

            Below is a copy of the RICS Residential Management Code.( 3rd ed)



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