Enforcing lease against co-freeholder

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    Enforcing lease against co-freeholder


    I'm about to purchase the freehold with my neighbour.

    I was wondering if we would still be able to enforce lease covenants when we are both freeholders as well as leaseholders?

    Does anyone know what our rights would be if it came to enforcing the lease on one of us? I don't know how it would work because wouldn't we both have to agree to enforce the lease?

    Many thanks in advance.


    The 2 major obligations under the lease are (1) paying the annual ground rent ( 2) paying 50% of the service charge ( maintenance costs + insuring the building ).

    After both of you have purchased the freehold title, you would extend the lease to 999 years at peppercorn ground rent which removes the obligation for annual ground rent payment in item 1.

    The contribution to 50% of the service charge may be a problem if one of the 2 leaseholder refuses to pay.


      You will not be able to enforce covenants which have only been made with the freeholder. You will not be able to do anything based on section 146.



        What kind of breaches under the lease did you have in mind ?


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        • Reply to Extending a lease as a co freeholder. Leases are of different lengths
          by MrSoffit
          Hi, unless I'm missing something, you either hold the freehold jointly as trustees or as a company? If trustees, the relationship between the trustees as 'joint' freeholder (yeah I know) for granting extensions should be in a participation agreement. If a company, the company would react, no?
          24-09-2020, 13:15 PM
        • Extending a lease as a co freeholder. Leases are of different lengths
          by Deneb
          Hi there,

          Would be very grateful for any advice if anyone has come across this before....

          I own a ground floor flat in Leeds with a share of the freehold (I bought about 5 years ago). The lease has 85 years to run.
          The co freeholder (who bought in 2002) has the upstairs...
          28-01-2020, 21:13 PM
        • Reply to Extending a lease as a co freeholder. Leases are of different lengths
          by andybenw
          Unless the other leaseholder/freeholder can produce some paperwork (participation agreement?) to prove otherwise, I think a payment probably is due. The other leaseholder bought a very short lease and, you bought a rather longer lease, caveat emptor. Of course 50 percent of any payment would go back...
          24-09-2020, 12:40 PM
        • Tracing Freeholder
          by cjramona
          Hi, I am new to the forum and sorry for jumping in but cannot find an answer that helps through the search function. I accepted an offer on my leasehold flat 2 months ago and I thought was close to exchange but the buyers solicitors are asking for my freeholder details. I renewed the lease in 2010...
          22-09-2020, 13:06 PM
        • Reply to Tracing Freeholder
          by cjramona
          sadly not no. She’s freeholder in name only really. We insure and maintain the property ourselves. I’ve now tasked a company to try and trace her - she may have passed away I guess as she bought the fteehold in 1986. I renewed the lease in 2010 so it’s fine until 2155!...
          24-09-2020, 08:18 AM
        • S168
          by Anna1985
          How crazy would it be to apply to the tribunal as litigant in person to ask them to determine a breach of lease re property disrepair ( the responsibility is on leaseholders, not freeholder) ?

          25-08-2019, 18:30 PM
        • Reply to S168
          by sgclacy
          When you make the application under Section 168 (4) the Tribunal will request that you notify any mortgagee who has an interest in the flat to which you are taking action against.

          Needless to say the mortgagee will take the matter very seriously indeed and will appoint solicitors to protect...
          24-09-2020, 07:22 AM
        • Responsibility of window frames
          by charlie8899
          Hello - I hope someone can help. I own a new build flat and have a faulty window that needs replacing. This will be quite costly and requires erecting scaffolding. I was surprised to hear from the building management company that windows are the responsibility of the leaseholder. This doesn't seem right...
          23-09-2020, 08:05 AM
        • Reply to Responsibility of window frames
          by charlie8899
          Thanks for all your replies. One last comment, would the fact the plan on my lease clearly excludes the windows as part of my demise be a factor? (see attached). The lease also states that service charge is to cover "the structure and exterior of the Building". Wouldn't windows be considered...
          24-09-2020, 07:00 AM
        • Reply to S168
          by Anna1985
          I think I would be soon, although the application would be made in joint freeholder names
          23-09-2020, 18:58 PM