Splitting a title deed

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    Splitting a title deed


    We own own a house that has been converted into two flats (planning consent, building regulations, separate services, etc) and we now want to separate the title deeds.

    Can anyone advise how much this would cost and give an indication of timescales?

    We are keen to split the title deed as efficiently as possible because we are temporarily paying the mortgage off completely and will want to sort another mortgage for our next project.

    Any help would be much appriciated.


    Who is "we" ?

    You own the house under one freehold title ( registered under joint names ?) .

    You want to move to situation of owning one freehold title for the building + 2 leasehold titles ( one for each flat )

    The rules are the name ( A+B ) as holder for freehold title cannot grant a lease to the same name ( A+ B) for the leasehold titles.

    You must ask 2 or 3 local solicitors specialising in Landlord & Tenant work to give you a competitive quotation for doing the work including preparing the lease and registering 2 leasehold titles + site plans for the flats at Land Registry .


      Gordon is correct, I would add that if the property is in mortgage you are advised to consult with your lender as their permission is a prerequisite before the legal boys start the ball rolling.


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