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    Rogue Landlord :

    This was reported on LZ website about a rogue landlord with 17 Properties in London:

    One of the offences committed seems to be no heating for long periods inside the property valued at £ 0.5 Mil.

    and allowed 8 years to pay the fines.

    You can see the rogue landlord has £143,709 in fines and the Councils failed to make her sell some property to pay the fines. She is allowed to pay £100,000 in fines at £1000 per month which will take 8 years to clear.

    I just wonder if she will be claiming the £12,000 per years for paying her fines as an allowable expense against her rental income ?

    Compare this to the leaseholder situation of being in arrears of ground rent over £350 for 3 years , the landlord can start proceedings for forfeiture of the lease.


      Yes I read the article, all I can comment on is that she must have paid for some very good lawyers to represent her on the case. The only hope is if she does not make payment /misses payment then she would be in default of the order and force payment from selling her property(s).


        Post #2 removed, please see point 3 here;

        A link to the report would be acceptable e.g.

        A summary in your own words of the publicly available details would also be acceptable.

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