Please can someone translate this jargon??

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    Please can someone translate this jargon??

    So we have paid our money to {Mod - name removed} to purchase our freehold and they have sent us the Land Registry document to sign...the only problem is that they have inserted a paragraph of absolute jargon and we need someone to translate it!! Please is there anyone out there who can translate this into plain English for us??

    You should seek advice from a conveyancing solicitor to study this .

    It does not look like a transfer of the freehold title to you.


      I don't see why it shouldn't apply to buying the freehold, but you do pay the conveyancer to explain the documents, so you should go to them.

      Generally, I think it is trying to leave you in as close as possible to the same situation you were in before, as far as rights and responsibilities go, except where they fundamentally relate to being leasehold. It is also trying to protect the current freeholder if you fail to honour the terms.


        We had decided to pay them directly instead of negotiating through a solicitor since the direct route was much quicker to do. So we haven't consulted anyone about this but maybe we need to!


          I guess your property is a house held under leasehold title and you are trying to buy the freehold title.

          If you visit the official Land Registry Online website , you can buy a copy of the freehold title and download for your postcode address for £4 by credit card . This copy of title will give the name of current title holder which should correspond to the name of company demanding the annual ground rent from you.

          If there are any charges registered against the title, it means the freeholder has borrowed money against the rental income.

          You should be paying for the transfer of the freehold title and NOT for transfer of the debt ( charges). And this is why you need to seek advice from a solicitor.


            I think the charges register is referring to the leasehold title. Unfortunately the page that define The Title is missing. Also, I think the charges register can hold more than debts.


              In any case, this looks like standard text intended to avoid needing to go through the individual documents an copy relevant clauses, so some of it may cover cases that don't apply.


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                That is interesting. I will put this to our legal guys and see what they say....
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                Hi guys

                We recently achieved RTM from our underperforming managing agents. We no longer pay our service charge to them. However our old managing agents still represent the freeholder, and so we still pay our ground rent to him via the old managing agents.

                Following RTM, they've...
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                I am always ready to reposition myself.
                it is not that they want to develop the roof in any way. Crossing it provides their only fire escape and, naturally want to preserve it.

                If OP sticks it out to court I suspect it will cost quite a few thousand.

                Imagine a fire and...
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                I am the Freeholder of a property and the property has an single story extension which has a flat roof. The lease holder of the flat above had the lease amended before I purchased it so that he has the right of use of the flat roof. I converted the ground floor of the property and added a basement....
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                Scott22 and i differ in what the rights are. If the top flat has a deed of variation to use the flat roof and it is unlikely they will get planning permission IF they applied for it. I would say that the freeholder could put skylights in the roof as the top flat have never used the roof or am i missing...
                01-06-2020, 14:10 PM
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                Charging a percentage in your case would be unreasonable as some lessees would be paying more for exactly the same service
                You stated the lease clause as being "the fees of the Lessor’s Managing Agents for the collection of the rents of the Flats in the Building AND for the general management...
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                You are right. I just find things confusing !

                My big concern would be the lack of notice. I am reasonably sure that no AoA would allow this.
                01-06-2020, 13:34 PM
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                by jpkeates
                The meeting would be allowed if it was for "work purposes", but it wouldn't be "work" for anyone other than the management committee.
                "Business" or "Commercial" aren't exceptions....
                01-06-2020, 13:07 PM
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                by Benzo
                Thanks Lawcruncher, I suggested 10% plus VAT so I'm glad to see we're in a similar place on this.

                You're exactly right on the formal vs informal - the informal extensions by standard for this freeholder are extending the lease to 99 years (not by 99 years) and adding clauses about ground...
                01-06-2020, 13:06 PM