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    Share of freehold query


    Does anyone own a share of the freehold with one other person and if so what is the best arrangement to have for paying the building's insurance / dealing with maintenance/repairs. We are probably going to hold the freehold as individuals rather than as a company.

    Thank you for any advice you might have.


    Please refer to the following post:!-part-1=

    Best wishes


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    • Uninformed manager and directors: what can happen?
      Thank you, leaseholder64, for your help yet again with starting a new topic.

      I hope I'm not going to sound hysterical, but I am really scared. We have a weird situation in our share-of-freehold set-up: A very intellectually limited real-estate agent, uncouth and ugly to boot, was put in...
      20-01-2019, 20:27 PM
    • Reply to Uninformed manager and directors: what can happen?
      Section 42 almost certainly applies to you. Section 42 of L&T 1987 is for your protection. If the lease doesn't allow for reserve funds, there is really no way you can be forced to contribute. If you are referring to L&T 1987 in general, yes you are largely bound by that Act.

      20-01-2019, 20:58 PM
    • Signage and Communal Issues
      Hopefully I can get some advice on an issue we are currently having at our development.

      There are currently 10 properties at our development and these were owned by three friends up until three years ago. They then decided to sale them and 9 different people bought them. Because the previous...
      03-01-2019, 07:47 AM
    • Reply to Signage and Communal Issues
      It is unclear from your posts how much involvement the management company has at the present time. You also say that you are a director of the management company and refer to an AGM which implies that it remains active.

      Who has appointed the managing agent? It ought to be the management...
      20-01-2019, 07:41 AM
    • Complicated lease extension - neighbour will not sign

      I would be very grateful if somebody could please help me with my problem as it is driving me insane.

      The situation is quite complicated but please bear with me as it does make sense...

      In 2009 i purchased a first floor flat in a converted house.
      11-01-2019, 15:18 PM
    • Reply to Complicated lease extension - neighbour will not sign
      I'd agree with this, but would suggest that the most important consideration may be whether or not the OP's solicitors failed to provide the services that they agreed to perform, and were paid for, during the purchase.
      If the solicitors were negligent (and it sounds like they may have been if...
      20-01-2019, 04:58 AM
    • Reply to Complicated lease extension - neighbour will not sign
      What happened after he inspected your property? The reason I’m asking about this is that if it were me, I would be doing everything I could to get him to sign voluntarily first. It would seem that whatever happened in the past and whatever your solicitor or any other can do now, free or not, is reliant...
      19-01-2019, 22:39 PM
    • Reply to Signage and Communal Issues
      If the sign was put up by the original landlord then it belongs to the current landlord as it is part of the property (in fact it probably is anyway). No tenant can object to it (a) if it was there before the leases were granted simply, because it was there before the leases were granted (b) if it was...
      19-01-2019, 21:42 PM
    • Illegal Alteration
      Guys if you could give some advise on the following query it would be much appreciated.

      I understand that a breach of a leasehold agreement needs to be determined by the FTT. Therefore my question implies a decision in my favour.

      Do any of you know how much a Landlord can reasonably...
      18-01-2019, 12:08 PM
    • Reply to Illegal Alteration
      Have you accepted ground rent/ service charge since becoming aware of the alterations?
      19-01-2019, 19:01 PM