Re-issuing s20 stage 2

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    Re-issuing s20 stage 2

    Hi all, is it possible to re-issue the stage 2. We have realised we didn’t put the vat on the quotes. Is it ok to send out new stage 2 letters and wait another 30 days? This relates to the s20 process. Many thanks.

    If you have found mistake in copying prices from the original quotes, you are obliged to send the corrected figures and allow extra time for reply.


      Yes, you do not need to reissue the notice of intention stage 1 but you do need to re-issue quotes stage 2 and even the stage 3 if the chosen company subsequently withdraws.


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        Stef Cooke
        He won't stop cmpaining, I imagine. Sometimes people aren't suited to livig in flats/apartments. Your well insulated vinyl is fine, in law, by the way. It is considered to be modern linoleum.

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        Most of what you say you have done would probably be looked at favourably by a court/tribunal and, if what you say about the leaseholder's actions is accurate, their actions won't have done hem any favours.

        You can't be expected to have arranged repair work before you had control of the...
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        Giving an extension will wipe the slate clean of previous breaches!
        17-06-2019, 15:05 PM
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        Hi Eagle2,

        No need for any apologies. Your comments on all points have been of great help.

        For clarity, we have now written to the leaseholder twice giving him an open opportunity to suggest a date and time that is convenient for him. He has responded to both correspondences...
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