969 years left on our home's lease - looking for a freehold quote

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    969 years left on our home's lease - looking for a freehold quote

    Hi, this is my first time posting...we are well and truly sick of having to pay the freeholder to make changes to our home e.g. £100 to widen the driveway, £200 to replace our UPVC windows etc. etc., so we would be very interested in purchasing the freehold. We have applied for a quote (another £50 to them to ask the question...) but it has been over 2 weeks with no response is there anybody 'in the know' who my be able to provide us with a ballpark figure so that we can compare with the actual quote when it finally arrives? Our property is in Northumberland, 3 bed house valued at approx. £165,000 - £170,000, ground rent is £35 per year with no planned increase during the lifetime of the lease. The original lease was for 999 years, and we currently have 969 years remaining. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

    Who leaseholder?


      I did one in cramlington a similar price size house and it was 7k but there was only 55 years from memory left on lease. This was about 4/5 years ago


        Hi, we are with CSJ/Chime Properties. We are only 20 minutes from Cramlington. Will it go in our favour to have so many years left on the lease, or would it be more expensive?! Thanks


          The cost of buying freehold title for leasehold house on 999 years lease should be around 18-20 times the annual ground rent.

          This figure comes from a previous FTT decision in 2017.

          So make an offer pitched at 700 pounds to buy the freehold title.


            Wow! Thank you. Hopefully they come back with something like that!! Otherwise we'll be hiring someone to negotiate


              The details of FTT case below should help you to negotiate.

              The annual ground rent was 5 pds p.a on 800 years lease and FTT decided the cost to pay at 80 pds. ( = 16 times GR ) :



                Thank you, I'll have a read


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                  The most important thing to do as others have already said is to get professional advice from a specialist solicitor on leasehold matters.

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                  If you are not happy to pay the service charge , then don't buy leasehold and instead look for a freehold house
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                  You need to explain more. Why were letters sent to your tenant? Did you give the FH your actual address ? As mentioned forfeature is very rare and there would be a while host of court dates first...I assume you knew nothing of them.

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                  You are right to pursue the formal complaint against the Council and you are right to chase them on a regular basis.

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