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    Consent to Alter lease - Help!

    we are considering buying a flat in Brighton where the loft is demised to the lease but we are likely to get planning for rear dormer.

    The lease states that the loft is demised.
    It also states that internal alterations needs consent not to be unreasonably with held.

    The dormer is however a structural alteration.

    1) Can landlord say no to a structural even if the alterations improve the lease and increases value of reversion?
    2) If 1)above answer is no he cant refuse can he charge the same premium to alter /extend the dormer only as he would if the loft was loft was not demised if so I guess the demised loft is wortless? In other words can landlord charge whatever for external structural alterations? Thanks

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  • Freeholder duties
    I am trying to sell my flat for which I have a shared freehold with the 2 other flats in the block.

    Today I have been informed that one of the freeholders is refusing to complete and return the TR1 (and another form I believe is the PR1?). Without this we are unable to continue with the...
    15-02-2019, 18:49 PM
  • Reply to Freeholder duties
    Thanks for your response.

    We don’t really want to retain a share of the freehold and we are selling the flat as share of freehold. I would assume if we decided to keep the share of freehold the buyer may reduce their offer?

    The other form is a LPE1 form.

    15-02-2019, 20:38 PM
  • Replacing RMC with RTM
    In seven days time we have a residents meeting to decide on the future of our apartment blocks; one with nine apartments, one with four apartments, thirteen total. They are about three meters apart physically. Our freeholder liquidated in 2012 and the lender took over as default who then set up an RMC...
    11-02-2019, 16:11 PM
  • Reply to Replacing RMC with RTM
    Excerpts from my Lease below:

    Lease Between:

    BUILDER/FREEHOLDER LIMITED (called "the Lessor") of the first part EXAMPLE MANAGEMENT LIMITED (called "the Management Company" of the second part ME (called "the Lessee") of the third part
    15-02-2019, 20:33 PM
  • Reply to Freeholder duties
    TR1 sounds like the Land Registry transfer form. The freeholder wouldn't to have to sign this for the leasehold, so I assume it is being done to transfer the share of the freehold, in which case you could assign the leasehold without but retain your share of the freehold.
    15-02-2019, 20:16 PM
  • Reply to Replacing RMC with RTM
    Yes, the lender is now the acting freeholder by default but the Land Registry still lists the builder/original freeholder. And that is my major concern that the freeholder will one day flog this site for cheap and the 6 leases not connected to the RMC could be in trouble.

    The freehold was...
    15-02-2019, 18:23 PM
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    I lived in the flat about 7 years, then moved out and let it out about 2 years now. Recently, the managment company is changed. And new managment company sent letter to request consent of subletting fee ( £80) according below clause in the lease. And they said after first consent period,...
    08-02-2019, 16:22 PM
  • Reply to Sublet consent and renewal fee
    As previously stated, the management company is not entitled to charge you unless there is a new tenancy agreement. Only then are you required to serve a notice and pay a registration fee. If 5 years have elapsed, the registration fee may be increased from the original figure of £40.00 but it must...
    15-02-2019, 16:55 PM
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    I should be grateful for your thoughts please. The ground rent was £10 per half year, with no provision for increase. The lease is for 999 years from 1970. The landlord is a notorious ground-rent company.

    The lease states "Not at any time hereafter without the consent of the Lessors...
    16-01-2019, 18:45 PM
  • Reply to Freeholder worst-case on a leasehold house
    Thank you Gordon999
    15-02-2019, 16:45 PM