Leasehold Length shown on Land Registry

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    Leasehold Length shown on Land Registry

    I'm in the process of buying a leasehold flat....(first time buyer, so haven't dealt with this before, and don't know anyone who has bought a leasehold property).

    The Land Registry Property Register only shows the original lease, which has approx. 50 years to run.
    It mentions that the lease was varied and that there is a 'copy deed filed' - but the document itself is not shown on the land registry online.
    However, the vendor's solicitor has supplied a copy of this deed (made in the 1990s), which amends the original lease from 99 to 999 years.

    Does anyone know if this sort of thing is normal, or should the Land Registry Title be updated to show the length of the modified lease? Should the variation deed be available online?

    My bank has claimed that there isn't enough time left in the lease for a mortgage - and they ask if there is an extension which is not yet registered. I had already sent them a copy of the variation deed, but I genuinely don't know if they actually read it, or if there is some problem with this particular setup that needs additional registration.

    (I have asked the bank what the problem is with the deed, but they typically take several days to reply, and I am trying to move things along...)
    Thanks for any insights!

    (I know it's not strictly landlord related, but I figure that someone here will have experience of these things).

    The deed of variation creates a new lease and the extended duration should be shown on the Land Registry.

    For additional deeds, you have to complete an application form, and, I think, pay £9. Only the title register and title plan can be ordered with just point and click.


      Ok, thanks very much for the quick response.
      As the extended duration is not shown, is this something I need to ask the vendors to sort out? Or should my bank accept a copy of the deed?


        I would think they would expect the vendor to sort it out. I doubt they would accept anything short of an official copy from the Land Registry, for registered land, but I'd expect them to play safe and wait until the Land Registry shows an acceptable answer.


          Thanks a lot for your help. I had assumed that it was just my bank being difficult, as they often are.
          However, the vendor's solicitor is now taking this up with the land registry, so hopefully it will be fixed.


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