Freeholder not keeping up maintenance

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    Freeholder not keeping up maintenance

    I rent out an apartment. My freeholder is very hard to get hold off (I don't have any contact details).
    Until recently he outsourced his adminstration to a independent letting agent, whom I would pay my various fees each year - cleaning of the communal areas were maintained etc.
    Recently, the letting agent has been taken over by a national branch. That branch no longer deals with the freeholder, or has contact details

    Since then, I've not had an notice of where to pay the annual fees.
    Apparently the communal area is 'unsatisfactory' - and the door to the entrance of the building is broken. I feel really sorry for my tenant - as we have a very good relationship and I want him to live in the best possible conditions.

    A few years ago (before the independent letting agent were involved) it was the same story. The freeholder would come back and say he could not get things cleaned or fixed because not many leaseholders were paying their fees. At this point, the communal area was being used for drug users (however this issue was resolved once the door was fixed)

    So, is there a way I could find the details of the freeholder? (land registry I assume)

    Also, what can I do about the freeholder not maintaining the building to an appropriate standard?

    Kind regards

    Freeholder may not be your LL.


      Who are you suggesting is the LL if not the Freeholder, the RMC or the RTM?


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