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    Professional fees and indemnity

    Hi All and thanks for reading, I wonder if members could share their experiences for scope of legal fees under the service charges. The reason I ask is that the Lessor is getting legal advice and then charging it to the service charges under removal of director and shareholder disputes....I thought the contract terms only permitted obtaining legal advice in connection with the property and clause of breach of lease etc....I have challenged this....any thoughts would be appreciated?

    Company expenses have nothing to so with the service charge. They cannot be incorporated in the service charge or taken from lessee funds. What exactly is the advice about?


      Thank you Andrew, you have confirmed what I have thought and said.....the director is using the sweeper clause in the lease where it says " Solicitors Counsel etc to justify their expenses....I have challenged this and no answer back..


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      • Withholding of ground rent and service charge
        Could anyone help please?
        I own the freehold to a property that has been converted into 3 flats (of which I own the lease to the ground floor flat).
        There is a communal hallway which is the access to the 2 other flats. This has always been decorated and the cost shared by the owners...
        17-09-2018, 17:24 PM
      • Reply to Withholding of ground rent and service charge
        Nearly Legal
        eagle2 is taking a rather unreasonable view, I think, Redecoration of the common hallway - it depends what the lease says. (eg. Every 5 years). If the freeholder/OP hasn't done that, then leaseholders can raise it. But the leaseholders have no right of 'self-help' here, (and certainly not if there was...
        24-09-2018, 18:45 PM
      • Share of insurance costs
        We own one of six flats in a conversion block,with equal share of freehold. Our flat is larger than the others, and in the long term we hope to divide it in two, although at present it pays one service charge the same as the others. With the insurance falling due, there has been a suggestion by another...
        24-09-2018, 09:33 AM
      • Reply to Share of insurance costs
        Thanks. The lease just says the cost of insurance comes out of the service charge account, and we all pay an equal service charge. So basically, we could pay more on the basis that our flat is bigger if we wished, but technically speaking, in line with lease, the law would expect us to pay the same...
        24-09-2018, 17:17 PM
      • Communal Garden dispute
        Grass is Greener

        I am currently live in a gated community. There are 200 flats with approx 35- 40 garden properties.

        I am a leasholder in a garden flat. There is an RTM, but we do not manage the gardens.

        The gardens in the lease are communal. When it was built, the gardens...
        21-09-2018, 09:11 AM
      • Reply to Communal Garden dispute
        The freeholder probably has no desire to be involved but needs to act because he has received complaints.

        Is there any way in which you can speak to the people who have raised the complaints and try to reach some amicable agreement?

        If there is no agreement, the freeholder...
        24-09-2018, 12:25 PM
      • Reply to Communal Garden dispute
        Grass is Greener
        They don’t have a back door. They complain about us using the gardens...
        24-09-2018, 12:04 PM
      • Late ground rent payment charges including legal fees?
        Leaseholder GRS
        I moved to a new address and totally forgot to pay my half year ground rent to E&M that is £100 on 1st March. All the letter chase were sent to my old address and I didn't get passed on by my tenants in time, only got them yesterday.

        The first reminder asks for ground rent plus 50...
        16-07-2018, 12:34 PM
      • Reply to Late ground rent payment charges including legal fees?
        Leaseholder GRS
        Thank you Eagle2! I just posted the cheque and covering letter to them.
        I also explained to them that my E&M account has been blocked so I couldn't pay them directly online or use their telephone service to pay through the phone, and asked if they can unblock my account. Basically they try...
        24-09-2018, 11:58 AM
      • Reply to Share of insurance costs
        It depends on the wording of your lease, which will state whether or not insurance is charged separately and how contributions are to be shared amongst the flats.

        If insurance is part of a service charge contribution, it is not normally separated.

        Allocating costs according...
        24-09-2018, 11:27 AM