Does lease allow holiday lets

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    Does lease allow holiday lets

    I am hoping to sell a flat I own and which I currently rent out in a seaside town. The Estate Agents have asked whether the property allows holiday lets. The only references I can see in relation to letting in the Underlease state:

    Fourth schedule - restrictions on the Lessee

    1 Not to use or occupy the demised premises nor permit them to be used for any purpose whatsoever other than a private residential flat in the occupation of one family only

    5 Not to sub let share or part with the possession of or hold as agent or in trust for any person part only of the demised premises.

    NB 6 of 8 flat owners have recently extended our leases. There was originally an Intermediate Landlord and at the same time as extending the leases we took over the IL and formed a limited management company so 6 of us are directors/shareholders. My share will pass free of charge to any new owner. Do you think I am obliged to approach the other shareholders regarding the holiday let question.

    Any help would be much appreciated.

    Well it is at least encouraging that your estate agents are doing their research first before writing their marketing blurb on your property.

    The extracts you have quoted from your lease are standard terms in most leases. You should also reference the subletting/underletting clauses. What does your lease say about subletting/underletting?


      Item (1) disallows holiday lets.

      Item (5) means that, even if item (1) didn't block it, you would not be allowed to let out two rooms separately and would not be able to lock any area of the flat away from the guests.


        As above -- and the agent should really NOT be writing blurbs that attempt to interpret the lease.

        Nor (per the original post) are your fellow shareholders there to change interpretation of the lease or to provide some sort of assurance as to how it might be interpreted (at least for the next two weeks). The lease is the lease.


          If you want to do holiday lets , you should buy a freehold house.


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