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    Originally posted by 16smrlandlordzone View Post
    Again we are concerned if we approach the fh directly that he will see it as an opportunity to recover fees he still thinks we owe him and escalate into more conflict.

    I don't know if this helps but my neighbour was in the same boat as you and ended up paying the fees 'owed' as the FH basically had her over a barrel.


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    • Enfranchisement - Help!
      Bengt Lagander
      My lease excludes S62(2) of LPA 1925 in Rights which gives a wide definition of conveyancing rights and indeed is referred to in S10(1) of LHR1967 which covers terms of conveyance of a house.

      However S10(1) also states "Except for the purpose of preserving or recognising any existing...
      23-03-2018, 08:15 AM
    • Toxic Lease
      My son purchased a leasehold flat approx 11 years ago from the developer {Mod - name removed}. He was 22 yrs old and very naive. He rents out the property and I seem to have become more involved of late. I do not believe for one minute that the lease on the flat, which doubles every 10 years, was ever...
      03-03-2018, 13:54 PM
    • Reply to Toxic Lease
      Hopping Mad
      A friend of mine has a ground rent that doubles every 10 years for the first 50 years. It started off at £250 and until it reaches £8000. He has been quoted £42K to get out of it completely or pay £32K and have £350 linked to the RPI every 10 years . He bought the flat from the original leasehold...
      22-03-2018, 22:01 PM
    • Damp & managing company issues
      Hi, I am hoping someone can point me in the right direction.

      I own a 1st floor flat in a 1960's block which I rent out. There are 15other flats in the block.

      ​​​​​​ About 4months ago the tenants complained about damp in the bathroom. The managing agents sent their...
      22-03-2018, 12:18 PM
    • Reply to Damp & managing company issues
      I think an infra red camera might find the leak.
      22-03-2018, 19:30 PM
    • Reply to Damp & managing company issues
      I am trying to visualise it. Usually it would be easy enough to tell if it is from above, from below, from condensation. Things going on inside the wall can be harder.
      22-03-2018, 19:26 PM
    • Reply to Damp & managing company issues
      To be frank, I haven't pushed the right of access. The neighbour says he hadn't got a problem and doesn't want his bathroom dismantled.

      I will check the conditions of the lease, but I'm more disgruntled that im having to spend thousands on something that is being caused from outside the...
      22-03-2018, 14:27 PM
    • Reply to Damp & managing company issues
      To be sure, one would need to see your lease, and, if materially different, that of the other flat.

      However, I find it strange that the lease does not provide a right of access to the other flat. Enforcing the right may be more difficult, and will probably require a court injunction.
      22-03-2018, 12:55 PM
    • Reply to Toxic Lease
      Thank you for your responses and I do have some further questions (sorry).

      1 I did contact Sebastian at Leasehold Knowledge and he pointed out that we have a case to sue the solicitor. Further research - solicitors practice closed by Solicitors Regulation authority in 2015 because of fraud....
      22-03-2018, 11:37 AM
    • Leasehold Extension: Obligation to extend has lapsed?
      Hello all,

      Background: I have a share in the freehold-owning company for the converted building in which I and a couple of other leaseholders reside. Essentially, it falls to me to run things. The only leaseholder who is does not own a share of the company applied for a lease extension...
      20-03-2018, 13:24 PM