Section 13 Notice Served on Landlord

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    Section 13 Notice Served on Landlord

    Hi a section 13 Notice was served on a Landlord who subsequently served a Counter Notice. It is now nearly 6 months since the counter notice. If the offer to purchase is deemed to have been withdrawn after the 6 months does the Landlord then have to offer Right of First Refusal to the tenants if he wants to put the property onto the open market.

    You are presumably thinking of the legislation that says a collective enfranchisement application cannot be made for 12 months after 'a deemed withdrawal'. I do not believe that this 12 months moratorium exists if it is the freeholder that is offering the disposal of the freehold, so yes, the freeholder does have to offer RFR if he/she is now contemplating an open market disposal.


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    • Replacing RMC with RTM
      In seven days time we have a residents meeting to decide on the future of our apartment blocks; one with nine apartments, one with four apartments, thirteen total. They are about three meters apart physically. Our freeholder liquidated in 2012 and the lender took over as default who then set up an RMC...
      11-02-2019, 16:11 PM
    • Reply to Replacing RMC with RTM
      In the “eagle2” post 15-02-2019, 16:40 it says
      It would appear that the mortgage company is currently entitled as freeholder to charge you ground rent and service charges. If the mortgage company instructs the managing agent to act on its behalf, the agent can then demand charges from you, subject...
      16-02-2019, 19:23 PM
    • Problem with block management company
      I need to report a block management company for rudeness and bullying towards landlords with leasehold flats but I cannot find their membership of an ombudsman scheme. I don't know where to go.
      30-11-2015, 19:05 PM
    • Reply to Problem with block management company
      We have the same issue. We have a Chairman and about 6 directors. The Chairman thinks they are the CEO of a FTSE 100 company and instructs all emails and basically runs the show, all final decisions seem to stop with them. They control everything, gets their relative to give their opinion and uses...
      16-02-2019, 17:51 PM
    • Freeholder duties
      I am trying to sell my flat for which I have a shared freehold with the 2 other flats in the block.

      Today I have been informed that one of the freeholders is refusing to complete and return the TR1 (and another form I believe is the PR1?). Without this we are unable to continue with the...
      15-02-2019, 18:49 PM
    • Reply to Freeholder duties
      Sarah B
      I recently bought a flat where this was the case and an ID1 form was requested after completion, I don't remember a TR1 which required signing for the freehold to constrain the sale (we already owned a flat in the block so would have seen it). If they don't sign you can apply to the court for a transfer...
      16-02-2019, 13:19 PM
    • Management fee 20% - too high?
      I have been a leaseholder in a block of four maisonettes (NE Surrey / London) for many years with a recent change of managing agent (same freeholder).

      The previous managing agent allowed repairs and maintenance to be done by the leaseholders, and there were no management fees.
      12-02-2019, 10:58 AM
    • Reply to Management fee 20% - too high?
      Sarah B
      OK I didn't meant to infringe the rules, let me rephrase - what kind of landlord? is it an individual or a company, if a company is it a developer or estate company?
      16-02-2019, 13:14 PM
    • Reply to Freeholder duties
      Any duty will be in the lease or the deed of trust, neither of which I can read from here.
      16-02-2019, 10:10 AM
    • transitioning from FTT appointed manager back to RTM

      Would be extremely grateful for help with this from someone with experience and knowledge of RTM companies:

      I am a leaseholder in a large (30) block of flats. Up until 4 years ago the building was under RTM management (for about 10 years), but for the last 4 we have...
      11-02-2019, 06:51 AM