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  • Gillian40
    started a topic Section 13 Notice Served on Landlord

    Section 13 Notice Served on Landlord

    Hi a section 13 Notice was served on a Landlord who subsequently served a Counter Notice. It is now nearly 6 months since the counter notice. If the offer to purchase is deemed to have been withdrawn after the 6 months does the Landlord then have to offer Right of First Refusal to the tenants if he wants to put the property onto the open market.

  • Lorimer
    You are presumably thinking of the legislation that says a collective enfranchisement application cannot be made for 12 months after 'a deemed withdrawal'. I do not believe that this 12 months moratorium exists if it is the freeholder that is offering the disposal of the freehold, so yes, the freeholder does have to offer RFR if he/she is now contemplating an open market disposal.

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  • Reply to Freeholder applying to the FTT for unpaid service charges
    Most of what you say you have done would probably be looked at favourably by a court/tribunal and, if what you say about the leaseholder's actions is accurate, their actions won't have done hem any favours.

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    Giving an extension will wipe the slate clean of previous breaches!
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