Section 13 Notice Served on Landlord

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    Section 13 Notice Served on Landlord

    Hi a section 13 Notice was served on a Landlord who subsequently served a Counter Notice. It is now nearly 6 months since the counter notice. If the offer to purchase is deemed to have been withdrawn after the 6 months does the Landlord then have to offer Right of First Refusal to the tenants if he wants to put the property onto the open market.

    You are presumably thinking of the legislation that says a collective enfranchisement application cannot be made for 12 months after 'a deemed withdrawal'. I do not believe that this 12 months moratorium exists if it is the freeholder that is offering the disposal of the freehold, so yes, the freeholder does have to offer RFR if he/she is now contemplating an open market disposal.


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    • Landlord selling freehold
      Our landlord (our builder) is selling the freehold for our flats and has given us the first refusal. The offer is good. However there have been issues with our landlord. Our estate is still not complete. The property management company they appointed have been totally incompetent and mismanaged our...
      19-10-2019, 20:05 PM
    • Reply to Landlord selling freehold
      Does your lease mention the property management company, and if so, is this in connection to the block, the estate, or both?
      Do you pay service charges towards the management of the estate in addition to costs for the management of the block?

      If you buy the freehold (presumably as...
      19-10-2019, 21:10 PM
    • Reply to Landlord selling freehold
      Leases cannot be changed unilaterally except when they are both defective and the First Tier Tribunal agrees that the change is necessary to remedy the defect. Assigning the freehold makes no difference to this.
      19-10-2019, 21:08 PM
    • Liability for costs?
      I live in a block of four flats, 2 ground floor, 2 first floor.
      The other 3 flats share a communal hallway/stairs, we have a private entrance ( a maisonette i believe - why do i feel all Hyacinth Bouquet!)

      Anyway, within my lease i have no covenant giving me any kind of responsibility...
      18-10-2019, 19:18 PM
    • Reply to Liability for costs?
      That's a fair point!
      19-10-2019, 18:10 PM
    • Reply to Liability for costs?

      This is true, but as Harwood says,
      "in doing so they inadvertently cut out the repairing covenant - and a few others
      pets, washing lines etc".

      The etc means many more Standard covenants have been omitted.

      You can bet a typographical error HAS occurred
      19-10-2019, 17:58 PM
    • Block Management Surplus Funds
      Hello All,

      Sorry if this isn`t the right place to post this but I am starting a block management company and am wondering what I do at the end of the year with any surplus service charge funds?

      18-10-2019, 14:24 PM
    • Reply to Block Management Surplus Funds
      As leaseholder64 has said, this depends on the terms of the lease (which might not actually allow for a reserve fund in the first place).

      My lease does not have any clause that allows for a reserve fund to be collected, but specifically states that any excess is to be carried over to the...
      19-10-2019, 17:25 PM
    • Visitor Parking Dispute and Unreasonable Behaviour
      Hello. I am the owner of a residential apartment, which I use as my main residence, which is managed by a property management company, to whom I pay a monthly service fee, and a residents management company, of which the PMC is one of the directors. The freehold of the land is owned and managed by a...
      15-10-2019, 15:50 PM
    • Reply to Visitor Parking Dispute and Unreasonable Behaviour
      It is a reasonable motivation, but the OP does not seem to have gone about this in the correct way. If the OP's lease does not allow them to park in the visitor bays, they should not be doing so under any circumstances without prior permission.
      If they had asked for permission first, or had used...
      19-10-2019, 17:18 PM