Undisclosed section 20 notice by seller & management company prior to sale of flat

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    Undisclosed section 20 notice by seller & management company prior to sale of flat


    I recently bought a flat and within 2 months of getting the keys, I was served a notice for payment for the first stage of major works (work needed to the outside of the building)- to the tune of £12.5k. The management company sent me letters that they had sent the seller two years ago, detailing the section 20 notice, 2 estimates for the costs of the work etc.

    I have emailed the conveyancer, who is a bit useless and not willing to look into anything further, and suggested speaking to the management company to get a reduction.

    My question is this- both management company and the seller did not disclose this prior to the sale. The forms that they filled in had specific questions about section 20 and planned works, hence the information was actively omitted as they stated "no", so it is more that they lied on the forms as opposed to the information being ommited.

    Is the seller the one that is liable for this?- and if so can I just ask them for this money, or would i need to reclaim this via the courts, as the total cost of the works is £20k, which was known about prior to the sale of the flat and I could have obviously asked for a reduction from the cost of the flat because of this.

    Any advice, recommendations etc would be greatly appreciated!

    2 years is a pretty long duration between S20 and works.

    What is the exact wording of the disclosure request and responses (from each party)?
    Why exactly was there this delay?

    It is curious why management company would give a false answer -- I cannot see any motive for them to do so.


      This will be question 4.8 on the LPE1 form, which will be copyright. There are specimens published on the web, but it basically asks about section 20 work planned for the next two years, and where it is in the life cycle from anticipated to done but not yet charged. It also asks for details and the expected contribution.


        Contact Sebastian at leaseholdknowledge.com with your problem. He may know others in same situation facing extortionate demands for maintenance of property you don't own.


          Thanks- will do. Any thoughts on contacting the seller to ask for this amount or to just go through the courts?

          @andrewdodd- it was on the forms that they were asked to fill out- the LPE1/3 and another one, but the questions were about works and pending works and section 20 notices


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