Notice of Assignment on inherited leasehold property.

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  • Ollie2000
    Thanks Gordon999

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  • Gordon999
    The Notice is served by new leaseholder ( or by his solicitor) on freeholder after the name of new property title holder has been registered by Land Registry.

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  • Ollie2000
    Thank you Lorimer and leaseholder64.

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  • leaseholder64
    It's actually a devolution, not an assignment, but the freeholder certainly needs to know about it.

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  • Lorimer
    Yes and yes. The freeholder needs to know to whom the ground rent and service charge demands should be addressed and this is the mechanism by which the information is given to the freeholder.

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  • Notice of Assignment on inherited leasehold property.

    Could anyone tell me if a Notice of Assignment has to be given to the freeholder of a leasehold property if the new leaseholder inherits the property (as opposed to purchasing it). The lease states that notice must be given "within one month of any assignment assent transfer or under lease of the demised premises", so it would appear so, but I just wanted to double-check that this is the norm. If so, am I right to assume that the freeholder's usual fee for receipting/acknowledging this notice would also be payable by the devisee (i.e. the new leaseholder)?

    With a purchase, all this is normally taken care of by the buyer's solicitors, I'm not sure if the same would apply to the inheritance case (if solicitors are involved, that is). Any shared knowledge would be greatly appreciated!

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    We are the freeholders to a block of flats. We own the freehold in a limited company.

    Apparently one of the flats issued a Section 42 back in April with a date of July for any counter offers.

    Our managing agents have only just told us about this TODAY and we are way out of...
    04-08-2020, 12:24 PM
  • Reply to Managing Agents Massively Screwed Up Section 42
    by sgclacy
    Is the address of your managing agent the same as the address at the Land Registry for you as freeholder?

    If you believe the figure offered is too low, you could have therefore regarded the notice as invalid and that is why you have not responded. They would then have to apply to the court...
    05-08-2020, 20:54 PM
  • Reply to Advise & Guidence
    by ontljoshi
    As per lease - everyone supposed to maintain their frontages. The road is made private long time ago and there's no owners currently it is bona-vacatia now.
    05-08-2020, 19:10 PM
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    HI All,

    previously, the forum has helped i need bit more advise & guidence.

    I bought my massionate in 2016 at 310500 with 125yrs lease to live in and don't know due to what circumstances I feel that it hasn't increased in the valuation.
    my question is are...
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    I am one of 6 leaseholders in a block of 6 flats. We have had historic issues with the roof, our Community Interest Company changed from one managing agent (with a public history of failings) to another, both have carried out poor repairs in the past.

    Before Christmas the current managing...
    04-08-2020, 09:05 AM
  • Reply to Section 20 process
    by Gordon999
    Usually the scaffolding is put up by the scaffolding rental company. The roof repair work will be done by roofing company who worker may not be aware of the scaffolding on site.
    05-08-2020, 18:14 PM
  • Reply to freeholder snuggling to recover arrears
    by Gordon999
    Here is the website giving rules on claiming interest at the small claims court.
    05-08-2020, 18:07 PM
  • freeholder snuggling to recover arrears
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    Hi All,

    I have a leaseholder that constantly refuses to pay service charges and ground rent. I’ve had endless court cases but they are slow and I’ve then struggled to get court fees back which have been added to everyone’s service charges including mine!

    I’ve decided...
    03-08-2020, 14:54 PM
  • Reply to Freeholder in Administration
    by Gordon999
    You can check online at Land Registry website for the name of current freeholder of your building. You may have to pay £3 by credit card to download. Also check the listing of company at Companies House website.
    05-08-2020, 17:57 PM
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    I am representing a group of investors in a property where the developer/freeholder has gone into administration. Two questions - does the administrator now technically own the freehold? and can they demand payment for repairs to the building that the freeholder should have carried out in order to protect...
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