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    Ventilation / Air Brick

    I own a property in a block of flats. The flat has a damp problem in one of the bedroom. I want to fit an air brick / ventilation brick as I have been advised that this may help the problem. I have written to the management company but given past experience expect them to refuse permission to put this in as it obviously goes through to an outside wall and is thus visible. Can they refuse permission or how do I force them to allow me to install this. Thanks

    Why not instead install a trickle vent in the window? That only needs a few holes drilled.
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      Quite. How exactly is an air brick different from opening the window or having a trickle vent. Unless it is the wall cavity that you want ventilating.


        In the past I have had tenants close vents and put sticky tape over air bricks.

        For these tricky situations I have fitted passivator vents, which is an air brick with a bit of fabric wadding inside, it allows vapour out but no draughts in so tenants don't block them up.

        But in a flat...


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          So basically these people that don't even really know you can make you do anything they want you too, in your own home, without any protection for you at all. Seems grossly unfair. So theres a bigger issue here right of tenant/homeowner rights in social housing accommodation....
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