Freehold garage with expired lease referenced on freehold title deed

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    Freehold garage with expired lease referenced on freehold title deed


    I purchased a garage 4 years ago and have the free hold title for the property.

    I have moved to another area and no longer need the garage for my car and as such i have attempted to sell it.

    In doing so i have found that the garage also has a lease attached to it. Howerver, the lease was for 30 years and expired on 2010. I am not the owner of the lease title.

    The person wanting to buy the garage will not do so until the lease title reference has been removed from the freehold title. i.e. they want me to ensure that the leasehold can not get renewed on the property.

    I sent an NC1 form to thd land registery with the expectation that they will remove the leasehold as it has expired.

    They have responded with:
    Please either: (a) certify that neither the Landlord and Tenant Act 1954 nor the Local Government and Housing Act 1989 applies to the lease dated 12 June 1981; or (b) state the particular statutory provisions in accordance with which the lease has been determined.

    I have no idea what they are asking (i looked at thd tenant act and there is lots of detail that isnt easy to read)

    Does anybody know what they are actually asking please.

    You need to get a solicitor to certify to Land Registry the 30 years lease has expired and the rights to occupy have not been transferred to another party..

    You have occupied the garage for last 4 years and hold the freehold title. .


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